Designation for School Information Coordinators is extra work for teachers: Even if they are not sick, the school heads file a sick leave request

Designation for School Information Coordinators is extra work for teachers: Even if they are not sick, the school heads file a sick leave request

Under DepEd Memo No.17, s.2021, the designation of school information coordinators is very significant. This is the most recent update from the Department of Education. This designation for school information coordinators is badly needed if the school head is very sick and on leave. Many obligations and responsibilities must be met if teaching and non-teaching personnel are categorized as school information coordinators (SICs) in a school. Not only do they have to command or reflect their signatures on school reports, but they also have to make or prepare school reports based on this memorandum.

1. The Department of Education (DepEd) issues this DepEd Memorandum titled “Designation of School Information Coordinators (SICs). As the Division and Regional Information Officers’ counterparts, SICs will be designated in very public elementary, secondary, and senior high schools across the country.

2. The Department fully recognizes the importance of SICs in ensuring that communications convergence is coordinated and strengthened from the schools to the national level.

3. The designated school information coordinators (SICs) will be in charge of:

  • Assist and act as focal people in verifying and addressing issues and concerns raised by the public and the media involving their school or area.
  • Facilitate the conduct of verification of information based on protocols, data privacy, integrity, and confidentiality;
  • Facilitate the communication of any untoward incidents in their respective areas, and submit a detailed report within 24 hours to DepEd Central Office (CO) Public Affairs Service (PAS) copy furnished to their respective regional and school division offices;
  • Provide updates to the schools’ division, region, or CO that may be referred to in media releases to national media;
  • Support their respective schools, school divisions, and regional offices in responding to media queries on local issues;
  • Coordinate with the school division, regional, or CO to request official statements on existing issues;
  • Perform duties and responsibilities in connection with DepEd Public Affairs programs, projects, and activities; and
  • Perform other tasks related to the efficient communication, documentation, and dissemination of information to DepEd CO and vice versa.

4. The designated school information coordinators (SICs) should be:

  • Holding a teaching or non-teaching position in a school;
  • At least two or three years of experience working for DepEd;
  • Able to communicate and write well, have good public relations skills, and
  • Able to respond to issues and concerns requested by the schools’ division, regional, or the Central Office.

5. The designation of a teacher to perform as a school information coordinator shall be recommended by the school head to the school Division Superintendent (SDS) for approval.

6. The SDS, through the Division Information Officer, is requested to submit the enclosed form with the name of the designated School Information Coordinator to the Regional Information Officer, with a copy furnished to the DepEd Public Affairs Services through email at [email protected] not later than May 15, 2021.

To accomplish the designation to school information coordinators effectively, the school head should carefully pick those who will serve as SIC in the school. Many teachers can play the part of school information coordinators (SICs), but they are unable to carry out their duties and responsibilities. Because all they desire is power; they believed that being a SIC would make them powerful people, yet they lack common sense and are lousy communicators and action takers. They prefer more talking than actions. Instead, action is better than words.

So, it is preferable to select the best SIC in school so that the school runs smoothly and the students’ academic performance improves. If the full-fledged principal is unable to make a change in the school, the SIC should take over so that the school does not appear to be in disarray. Some of the principals aren’t particularly project-oriented. Some of them are disorganized since their primary concern is how to profit from their businesses. That is why they file a sick leave even not sick. Numerous teachers are more qualified than the principals. I hope this type of principal realizes to retire earlier than manage a school with no students and teachers affected. – Doki | Helpline PH