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An impressive salary increase for teachers! Not a New Position

An impressive salary increase for teachers! Not a New Position

For teachers, a salary increase is essential, especially at this point in the recession when the cost of all goods is going up. Because of the substantial increase, the teachers were already feeling strangled. The present small salary increase for teachers is hardly felt by them. So, they urge the new administration to implement a salary increase that is not distributed in tranches but rather all at once or completely so that teachers can benefit.

But a few days before the end of the Duterte administration, Malacaá¹…ang issued Executive Order (EO) No.174, which established an expanded career development system for public school teachers. The public school career progression scheme encourages teachers to be effective teachers. Teachers now have the chance to land the position of their dreams.

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea signed EO 174 by the authority of President Duterte on June 23, 2022. In his EO, he talked about and updated the public school teachers’ career progression system to give them more chances for professional growth and career advancement.

The President also said that by expanding the Career Development System, teachers will stay motivated to give their students a quality education. This quality education will surely be given if the teachers are supplemented with great support from the government and DepEd.

The newly established system aims to promote professional development and career advancement among public school teachers and define their career lines within the public school system, particularly at the elementary and secondary levels, including senior high school. The DepEd Career Progression from Teacher 4-7 & up to Master Teacher 5.

Here is the calculated salary for teachers if the career progression is applied:

  • Teacher IV is SG 14= 32, 321
  • Teacher V- is SG 15=35,097
  • Teacher VI is SG 16= 38, 150
  • Teacher VII is SG 17= 41, 508
  • Master Teacher V is SG 22= 69,963

All teachers who want to advance in their careers and receive higher remuneration commensurate with their positions should take advantage of the career progression system. However, the government will guarantee teachers a salary increase to help with the hardship they are facing even if this career advancement is approved.

Not everyone is interested in applying for a higher position. What use are the positions? The teachers’ attention was diverted not to their teaching but to indulging in a small side business to boost their pay. The debt load on teachers is already excessive. Due to the little monthly pay they receive, they are surely bothered by selling things online just to increase their monthly income. This is especially true for teachers who pay for their children’s college. Their income isn’t enough to cover all of their obligations.

Therefore, the government should give a salary increase to teachers, which should be the top priority so that they may concentrate on teaching. If their pay were increased, they would be able to do their jobs better and provide their students with high-quality instruction. – Doki | Helpline PH

14 thoughts on “An impressive salary increase for teachers! Not a New Position”

  1. We are hoping for the salary increase for teachers because all the goods and tuition fees of schools are going high.. Please make this a priority madam VP Sarah Duterte Concio.. Thanks

  2. The salary increase scheme create a huge disparity between those who arr in high position compare to the rank and file, teacher I, II & III are left behind and have minimal increase. Sana pareho ang amount s increase.

    1. Jusko…salary ang need nga di position. Besides, pinagdadamot naman ang mga position ng mga dios sa division office..

  3. Salary increase should be the top priority!!
    Itong promotion e kung wala kang backer hanggang teacher 1 ka lng ..sad reality in deped

  4. Siguro yung mga nasa mababang Position ang taasan kasi sa karanasan ko po, Teachers naman ang gumagastos o nag aabambagan tuwing bumibisita ang mga nasa taas.

  5. Di na po uso Ang backer Ngayon need po ng masteral para mapromote po.kaya pag Wala pong masteral nakapako na sa teacher I.

  6. Good morning to all my fellow teachers, it’s great to think and say you’re a hero because you’re a teacher, you don’t have to think about the hard work because it’s your chosen profession. First of all, I just want to say my/our complaint as teacher 1 to teacher 3, not to underestimate the ability of those who lift us up like MT teachers or maybe Pincipal, SH and TIC. Because they are usually the cause of the lack of appetite among those below because of the difference in what they do, one of which is not following their oath and duties in the civil service. I will give priority to the Master or MT, we know that they are only in terms of salary, compared to most of the above such as TIC, HT and sometimes their salary is even higher than P1, From what I read as the role of MT is not in administration and supervision, they should be assigned to be mentors and not to criticize T1 to T3, they often become the observers of teachers who have higher efficiency than what they are observing, such as master teacher 1 who is said to be good at Filipino but observing those who have completed a PhD in Mathematics, aren’t you T1 or T3 you know that you have studied for more than three years, your skills are just like playing and can’t speak because they are the ones who get more ranks in school, but what you have studied has been ignored…
    As a teacher, only 10 points studied in the Doctorate is very low to be placed in the Promotion Evaluation. There are many who were able to raise their rank as MT who only completed units in the Masters, the Principal and Supervisor raised them with their papers to become a master teacher, while you who studied, it seems that the DepED did not value what you learned in CHED for over 7 years studying Masters and EdD and PhD. In the work of MT, I regret what they are paid because instead of you learning from them as a model and mentor, they are still included in COT where their teaching time is reduced, they become principals, SH or TIC, They look down on their fellow teachers when they come to COT, but what they don’t know is that there are more good ones than them who have not been promoted. In this way they only lower your morale…This is my own opinion but this is also the complaint of my fellow teachers to give high points to what has been studied and experience in teaching not the certificates and performances that can be faked just so they can become master teachers. I hope they will be specific in their work and not be observers like principals or supervisors, they don’t have enough time to teach the children… they just interfere with fellow teachers… They are used to reaching our Vice President-Deped Secretary SARA DUTERTE CARPIO… That’s all. Thank you for reading this.

  7. Teachers 1 to III are the most numbered in the department and are the most functional in their own expertise as classroom teachers. MTs are not functioning as they should be but they are highly paid compared to the lower level. Teacher’s Salary increases should be a priority, especially this time when all commodities are now extremely high.
    Teachers are begging for a salary increase across the board, this must be prioritized. They cannot send their children to school if they only lie about their teaching salaries instead they go to loan sharks because the reality reveals that teachers’ salary cannot feed their own families.

  8. New position is not beneficial to the majority of teachers who are not qualified for these newly created position.what we need is substantial increase of salary since commodies have already increase even transportation cost alone have drastically increased.

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