An impressive salary increase for teachers! Not a New Position

An impressive salary increase for teachers! Not a New Position

For teachers, a salary increase is essential, especially at this point in the recession when the cost of all goods is going up. Because of the substantial increase, the teachers were already feeling strangled. The present small salary increase for teachers is hardly felt by them. So, they urge the new administration to implement a salary increase that is not distributed in tranches but rather all at once or completely so that teachers can benefit.

But a few days before the end of the Duterte administration, Malacaṅang issued Executive Order (EO) No.174, which established an expanded career development system for public school teachers. The public school career progression scheme encourages teachers to be effective teachers. Teachers now have the chance to land the position of their dreams.

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea signed EO 174 by the authority of President Duterte on June 23, 2022. In his EO, he talked about and updated the public school teachers’ career progression system to give them more chances for professional growth and career advancement.

The President also said that by expanding the Career Development System, teachers will stay motivated to give their students a quality education. This quality education will surely be given if the teachers are supplemented with great support from the government and DepEd.

The newly established system aims to promote professional development and career advancement among public school teachers and define their career lines within the public school system, particularly at the elementary and secondary levels, including senior high school. The DepEd Career Progression from Teacher 4-7 & up to Master Teacher 5.

Here is the calculated salary for teachers if the career progression is applied:

  • Teacher IV is SG 14= 32, 321
  • Teacher V- is SG 15=35,097
  • Teacher VI is SG 16= 38, 150
  • Teacher VII is SG 17= 41, 508
  • Master Teacher V is SG 22= 69,963

All teachers who want to advance in their careers and receive higher remuneration commensurate with their positions should take advantage of the career progression system. However, the government will guarantee teachers a salary increase to help with the hardship they are facing even if this career advancement is approved.

Not everyone is interested in applying for a higher position. What use are the positions? The teachers’ attention was diverted not to their teaching but to indulging in a small side business to boost their pay. The debt load on teachers is already excessive. Due to the little monthly pay they receive, they are surely bothered by selling things online just to increase their monthly income. This is especially true for teachers who pay for their children’s college. Their income isn’t enough to cover all of their obligations.

Therefore, the government should give a salary increase to teachers, which should be the top priority so that they may concentrate on teaching. If their pay were increased, they would be able to do their jobs better and provide their students with high-quality instruction. – Doki | Helpline PH