The salaries of teachers should be raised, according to BBM’s awesome pledges

The salaries of teachers should be raised, according to BBM’s awesome pledges

The salaries of teachers should be increased because the major commodity prices are increasing. Their salaries are insufficient to meet the needs of their families. Because of their low incomes, teachers’ expectations may not be met, even if their salaries have increased a little. Teachers want a president who will raise their pay.


Marcos promised to enhance the salaries of teachers in all public schools after being elected President. He also offered free teacher training and scholarships for the children of teachers. Even in the Senate, presidential frontrunner Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. pushed for a measure that would raise the salaries of teachers from grade 11 to grade 15, one of his primary campaign issues now that he is running for a high position in the country.

Former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos introduced Senate Bill No. 3106, titled “An Act to Increase the Minimum Salary Grade of Public School Teachers from Salary Grade 11 to Salary Grade 15,” on January 24, 2012. Unfortunately, the bill failed to pass on the first reading, prompting him to introduce Senate Bill No. 109, which aimed to enhance teacher pay from salary grade 11 to salary grade 15.

The bill was not passed yet again. Despite the setback, Marcos claimed that he will continue to promote the program and revise the design to improve the quality of life of teachers and inspire them to give the greatest quality services and education to their kids.

We must give our teachers our full support because they are the molders of our children at school, shaping them into excellent, responsible, and productive citizens who will become future leaders in our country added Marcos. Remember that following the SMNI presidential debate, he stated that one of his goals for education is to provide teachers with adequate perks and salaries.

Marcos stated that we should help teachers acquire appropriate money and that their pay would not be delayed. It also gives teachers all of the legal benefits they need to worry less about themselves and their families. “Not simply financial support in education, retraining, and refresher courses to give students the most up-to-date information,” he added.

Even in an interview on Atty. Trixie Angeles’ show, “Luminous Trixie,” Marcos said he’ll do the same thing he did in Ilocos Norte, which was to put seed money in the school so that teachers wouldn’t be in debt. Marcos mentioned his support for all teachers several times during his rally, including improving the quality of life for their families, providing scholarships to their children, and modernizing the Philippine educational system.

Teachers will sincerely hope and thank the president for prioritizing the increase in their salaries. Teachers are asking for the next president of the Philippines to have a complete heart and sympathy for teachers by boosting the salaries of teachers in a single lump sum, not in stages. The only way to survive this pandemic is for the salaries of teachers to rise. – Doki | Helpline PH

45 thoughts on “The salaries of teachers should be raised, according to BBM’s awesome pledges”

  1. Nari Sarad

    Thank yiu Mr. President Ferdinand Bong Bong Marcos Jr for that!

    1. Lorlyn M. Dolamos

      It will of big help to me and to my kids being a solo parent.

      1. To God be the glory to our pres.
        Para pd na sa atoa mga anak nga mag koloheyo krn aug.pohon dako na kaau Ng tabang🙏🙏❤️

        1. Analiza P. Ignacio

          Thanks President BongBongMarcos you’re such a kind and symphatetic leader. You know how to level situation especially on our part as teachers God bless you, we will always be with you Apo Presidente…

        2. MerceditaSumoroy

          Iapil pod me mga daycare workers nation wide Mr, president soon,na ma approve natong magna Carta nga naana sa senate bil sense 2019 July 2,ky par mpalambo pdyud namo ang tanan mga Bata diha sa among tagsa tagsa ka mga daycare centers…so please tabangi me og osab ni vice president Sarah Duterte,,,mbuhay kayo…

          1. Victoria C.Biala

            Thank you po Mr.President umaasa kmi po… our salary will increase as soon as possible🙏🙏🙏

            1. Lyn Verly Palma

              That’s what we pray , and we are hopeful Lalo na po at nanalo po kayo.

            2. Susan Reponte Molina

              THANK you sir bong2 Ikaw na Ang aming bagong ama tatay bong2 please raised now our salaries Ikaw Ang pag ASA naming mga guro

              1. Charm perocho sagayca

                Pati po sana private employees mabigyan din ng pansin. Sa na wla na ang provincial rate national rate na po sana lahat ang mamahal na po ng basic needs .

              2. Rosene C. Araño

                Thank you so much my idol President Bongbong Marcos.

              3. RAMON LYNDON G. DAYDORA


              4. Thank you BBM ,it is a big help to us as a teacher …we need a salary increase & also a full support to our students as one of the scholar grant when they studies,a big help like me as a teacher it’s because my husband is a disabled one.thank you very much .godbless always….

              5. Romenia Avelino

                Yan po ang nais naming mga guro na unang matupad ngayong ikaw na po sir bongbong ang presidente ng Pilipinas, sana po matupad ninyo nang buong husay at buong puso, alam naming kayang kaya ninyo yan, sana po sa term ninyo mga guro naman po sana ang inyong priority at wag po ninyong isantabi ang mga guro kahit sabihing mga guro ang may mas maraming bilang sa lahat ng ahensya ng gobyerno, di naman po siguro ipaghihirap ng Pilipinas ang pagpapataas ng sahod ng mga guro, kahit kayo po mismo sir pres bongbong, kahit personal kayong tumulong sa aming mga guro ay hindi nyo po ipaghihirap yan, dahil establisado na po pamilya ninyo, kahit pa mga apo nyo sa tuhod di na po dadanas ng hirap, kaya wag na po kayong mag atubiling tumulong ng personal para sa mga mahihirap upang makatikim mn lang ng ginhawa lalo na sa term po ninyo, ito na po ang pagkakataong binigay ng Diyos sa inyo upang makabawi sa lahat ng mga paratang sa inyo ng inyong mga kalaban, ipakita po ninyo sir pres bongbong na kaya ninyong iahon sa kahirapan ang mga Pilipino… Kami pong mga suporters po ninyo ay laging aagapay at susunod anumang mga batas na nais ninyong ipairal lalo na kung ito ay para sa kabutihan ng lahat ng mga Pilipino… Salamat po talaga nang marami, kayo na po ang aming bagong bayani… Godbless po…💕🙏👏

            3. noel carena

              salary increases are ultimately tied to how well-managed the economy is. we shouldn’t rely on promises by politicians. we should rely instead on our best judgment, in being able to elect politicians who can manage the economy well. if we can do that, then we have reason to be hopeful.

              1. Elmer L Gamaya

                please, denounce your salary increase if it will happen. what politicians are you looking for? the ones being the bunraku of the oligarchs? Please denounce your salary increase given by bbm.

            4. Alma Ranas

              Tothank you Mr. President many teachers are hoping to have their high salaries. May our God’s guide you every now and then..good luck and God Bless.

            5. Saali H. Haril

              Hnd lng salary ni teacher Ang dpat iraise lahat ng government employees dpat iraise dn

            6. Thank you so much to our next president. We have high hopes indeed. We know you have this desire to improve the lives of teachers. Kudos!

            7. Victoria C.Biala

              Thank you Mr.President Bongbong Marcos for that.🙏🙏🙏🙏

              1. Michael Janro Turla Banawis

                Thanks so much if that would be happen Mr. President, a big help to us teachers especially nowadays , we need this high salary for our children and for the good of our students . 🥇💗🥇

                We also hope in our School to give us new school buildings because we had only 2 buildings, a makeshifts ..

            8. Luisa G. Dickpus

              Thank you Mr. President Bongbong Marcos for that 🙏 God bless you ,..

              1. Charty waloc

                Sana hindi lang sa mga teachers ang iincreased ang sahod sana lahat kahit anong trabaho lalo na sa mga security guard…

            9. Merilyn Narvaez

              Thank you President ,happy much ,Godbless you and family

            10. Maraming salamat po President BBM sa malasakit nyo sa mga guro.Hulog ka ng langit sa amin.Mayroon lang sana akong nais ipaabot sa iyo na sana ma approve na ang bill na naglalayon sa 55 age of retirement for teachers.Marami kasing mga teachers na gusto ng magretiro sa edad na ito para naman ma enjoy pa nila ang buhay nila kasama ang pamilya.Sana naman maisakatuparan ang hiling naming mga guro na gusto na magretiro sa edad na 55.Maraming Salamat President BBM.

            11. Laila R. Realuyo

              Hoping po🙏🙏🙏thsnk you so much to our next president. We know you have this desire to improve the lives of teachers.

            12. GERALDINE TAGALOG

              Sana mabigyang Pansin ang post na ito para sa aming mga mag 5 years na in service ngayong December 2022 na mga PROVITIONAL TEACHERS IN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL na magkaroon pa ng Extension sa pagtuturo gawa ng Pandemic na di nagkakataong maka pag-take ng board Exam o Kaya’y mabigyang pansin naman ang aming hanagarin na magkaroon ng Licensed to teach sa ano mang kaparaanan na makapagbuo ng senate Bill intended sa mga PROVITIONAL TEACHER.

            13. Very much appreciated Mr. PRESIDENT Bongbong Marcus and Vice Pres Sara Duterte!
              God bless on your journey. People of the Philippines is now welcoming you to fill the two slots being a good, God fearing and true leaders.. Good luck in your journey. GOD bless and MABUHAY!!!

            14. Elgielyn Sungoran

              Hope that not only for teachers but also for school heads handling a school for 10 years and above but still receiving a meager salary. Magkaroon sana ng magna carta for school heads na mabigyan po ng principal 1 item yong matagal na sa serbisyo bilang school head at hindi nabigyan ng plantilla item. Pareho lang po kasi ang trabaho ng Teacher Incharge at Principal pareho lang din ang hirap sana mabigyan ng principal item lahat ng school heads na naghahandle ng school…🙏🙏🙏

            15. Perla L. Logacho

              thank you Mr. President, for turning your attention to us, the teachers. it is a big privledge for us being you our President, u know our situation, the educative community need all resources for teaching ….thank u again.

            16. Maribel Jordan- Domens

              Hoping for it. Thank you President Bongbong Marcos. It will be a big, great help for us Teacher’s who experiencing too much crises and bothered due to debts and too many monthly and unexpected expenses.

            17. Jessica

              I really hope so mr. President.. Hope ur the answers of many teacher’s prayer. God bless ua all.

            18. Thank you so much Mr. President Bongbong Marcos for that😊 God bless you!

            19. esterlita.e. balisacan

              hope so , magkatotoo na magkaroin ng mataas na sweldo ang teacher kasi hindi kasya lalo na pag wala trabaho ang asawa mgkaroon ng scholarship ang anak ng mga guro..🙏🙏🙏

            20. Norma Alvarez

              Napakalaking tulong po lalo na sa tulad Kong working mother with children na may pinapaaral at mag-isang binabalikat Ang paging Ulirang guro at magulang sa aking mga mga anak at estudyante. Ang double basic pay ay mag- aangat sa amin sa sobrang kahirapan. Sana po ay maisakatuoaran sa inyong panunungkulan. Thank you and Mabuhay po kayo. President Bongbong Marcos Jr.

            21. Diosdado E. Salas

              Thank so much Mr. PRESIDENT, We hope that all your promises esoecially the salary of teachers will soon be realized because the prices of the prime commodities are keep on increasing and also the VAT in every product we buy in the Department store. It seems that all the products we need to buy, we will be the one to pay the tax for it. Help us please..God bless you!

            22. Diosdado E. Salas

              Thank so much Mr. PRESIDENT, We hope that all your promises esoecially the salary of teachers will soon be realized because the prices of the prime commodities are keep on increasing and also the VAT in every product we buy in the Department store. It seems that all the products we need to buy, we will be the one to pay the tax for it. Help us please..God bless you!

            23. Lea C. Almoradie

              Sana all n pledges magkatotoo. Nmn s mahal ng mga bilihin ngayon po Mr. President and thank you in advance..

            24. Thank you so much! HATS OFF to you, our newly elected President BB MARCOS. GOD BLESS YOU po and God bless Philippines!
              Teachers are hoping for that bill to pass and to be enacted.❣❣❣

            25. Marichelle Frondoso

              I am very much thankful if our new president realized his promises. God heard our prayers through this person. Hoping that our president also look the pavoritism system inside the division. ” Look to the teachers in their potential not to who they are.” Sana kung ang teacher lumipat ng place sa pagtatrabaho huwag nman sana na I back to zero designation.( From teacher 3 to teacher). The same agency why they changed the destination? Its because the teacher changed her residence. Please president I’m looking forward for changes. Especially to what I am suffering now.

            26. VIOLETA S. MANALANG

              Thank you so much, Pres. BongBong Marcos, for your concern towards us, teachers! May God bless and guide you as you serve our nation!

            27. VIOLETA S. MANALANG

              Thank you so much, Pres. BongBong Marcos for your concern towards us, teachers. May God bless and guide you as you serve our nation!

            28. Thanks Mr.. President hoping that will be realized soon. You have already the power to do so. Since your previous bill was not made possible, now is the time to raise our salaries. This will help us a lot in raising our way of living and boosting our confidence and dignity. Thanks a lot Mr. President.

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