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Salaries of college teachers are among the top 8 out of the new top 10 high-paying jobs in the Philippines for 2022

Salaries of college teachers are among the top 8 out of the new top 10 high-paying jobs in the Philippines for 2022

Salaries of college teachers in the Philippines are ranked as the top 8 average salaries among the mentioned jobs on the list. The Philippines has consistently remained the fastest-growing country in Asia. Even the New Times described the Philippines as one of the economic bridge spots in Asia. This article serves as your intelligent basis for applying for jobs or selecting a career to have great job positions in the Philippines. These are the top 10 high-paying jobs in the Philippines for 2022, with their average monthly salary and description of work.

1. Surgeons and doctors

The leading careers in the Philippines that have high wages are surgeons and doctors. Surgeons and doctors have important work to do. They are responsible for reviewing before they start the patient’s operation. The surgeons/doctors work during operations, ensuring patient care and giving medicine after the operation. Their salaries range from 76,300.00 to 264,000.00 per month, with an average monthly salary of 166,000.00.

Surgeons’ or doctors’ salaries compared to salaries of college teachers have a big difference. Teachers need to increase their salaries to be equal to other jobs. Teachers’ work also has many challenges in their field of teaching and a lot of work to do in school. Their salaries are not enough to cover their primary needs and those of their families.

2. Judges

The judges decide on the fate of the people, which is not an easy task. The judges interpret and apply laws to determine the results or make decisions on legal matters. The judges are often supervised during litigation, hearings, and other legal litigation to ensure that they adhere to the fairness of the law. Their monthly 

Salaries range from 64, 100.00 to 222,000.00, with an average of 139,000.00.

Judges’ salaries have a big difference compared to salaries of college teachers. Salaries of college teachers are below the salaries of other jobs. How about DepEd teachers’ salaries? They are too far compared to salaries of college teachers. DepEd teachers’ salaries are very low and are not included in the top 10 highest-paying jobs in the Philippines. 

3. Lawyers

Lawyers are certified professionals who provide legal advice and represent natural and juristic persons in court. They advise the clients, conduct legal research, prepare legal documents, and represent the clients, particularly at the trial of criminals and in civil court. The salary range of the lawyers’ amounts to 51,900.00 to 179,000.00, and their average monthly salary is approaching 113,000.00.

4. Bank Managers

Bank managers are employees who oversee the operation of the branches of banks or financial institutions. The responsibilities of the bank managers include managing resources, staff, construction, and committing to the purpose of selling, serving customers, and raising the revenue of the location. The salary range amounts from 48,800.00 to 169,000.00, and their average monthly salary is approaching 106,000.00.

5. Chief Executive Officers

They are generally liable for the overall management operation of the company. They are responsible for assigning and directing the agenda, driving profitability, managing the organization within the company, developing strategies, and coordinating the board. Their salaries range from 45,800.00 to 158,000.00 per month, with an average monthly salary of 99,500.00.

6. Chief Financial Officers

They are responsible for managing the financials of the company. The responsibilities of the CFO are the tracking of money, financial planning, and evaluating the financial strengths and weaknesses of the company and suggesting action for correction. Their salaries range from 42,700.00 to 148,000.00 per month, with an average monthly salary of 92,900.00.

7. Orthodontists

Orthodontists are experts in examining teeth, preventing and correcting irregular teeth and jaws. The main duty is to design, make, or use orthodontic appliances to realign the teeth and jaw. The salary range for orthodontists’ amounts to 41,200.00 to 142,000.00 and their average monthly salary is 89,600.00.

8. College Professors

College professors also have the highest salaries and most prestigious careers. College professor is not easy. It requires patience and diligence. The responsibilities of the professors include teaching and applying scientific techniques to all disciplines in education. They also help to create courses and administer students for the post-graduate students, publish articles and journals, serve on the committee, attend comprehensive exams and oral defenses, and write grant proposals. Their salary ranges from 36,600.00 to 127,000.00 per month, with an average monthly salary of 79,600.00.

DepEd teachers wish to have a starting salary like the salaries of college teachers, at 36,000.00. The wage disparity is too great, and they are both teaching in environments fraught with difficulties, particularly with student behavior. Many teachers in DepEd have already finished their master’s and doctorate degrees, but the salary is too small compared to what it is in college. Growth in education is the priority of their promotion.

9. Pilot

The pilots are making plans for flights. The aircraft, altitude, and weather conditions would all be taken into account. They examine the aircraft before flights, the machine, radar, navigation system, etc. They also ensure they do not exceed the limitations of aircraft, particularly the weight of baggage. They also interact with the control of air traffic to ensure the safety of flights and landings. The salary range of the pilots is 30,500.00 to 106,000.00, and their average monthly salary is reaching 66,400.00.

10. Marketing Directors

the Marketing Directors are managing to have an increase in revenue in their organization. They are forming and fulfilling the plans of marketing, including the calendar and program of promotions and new advertising for the new products and other projects of marketing. The salary range of marketing directors reaches an amount of 27,500 to 95,000 pesos, and their average monthly salary is 59,700.00.

This is the wage disparity between the ten (10) mentioned jobs. When we compare the incomes of DepEd teachers, they are far apart, not even reaching the tiny finger. Teachers’ salaries are too small. DepEd teachers’ salaries need to be upgraded to a higher salary grade to cater to their primary needs. Many teachers were already dead and could not even taste the increase in their salaries. Even teachers’ medication they could not afford because their salaries were underpaid compared to other jobs.

Hopefully, Deped and the government can see the difference between the salaries for other jobs and the present situation of teachers. You can see the difference between the salaries of college teachers and the DepEd salaries. DepEd salaries are left behind, and many DepEd teachers are very poor, even if they have worked because their salaries can’t cover their basic needs every day. Doki | Helpline PH