10 reasons why robots can’t replace teachers

10 reasons why robots can’t replace teachers

Do you agree that robots can’t replace teachers? Nowadays, our world is full of manifestations that robots are on the go. Even in cinemas, movies depict robots replacing people in the future. In the markets, robots are assisting some businessmen in their merchandise advertisements. More often we hear and see that robots are everywhere making lives of the people easy.

This is not the case in education. Robots can’t replace teachers even if companies wanted to. Here are the top 10 reasons why robots can’t replace teachers:

1. Robots don’t have emotions, teachers have.

Teachers can understand their students with their emotions on. This is the best defenses teachers have that make them still the number one even if the world falls apart.

2. Robots don’t develop critical thinking unlike teachers do.

Teachers may bend their thinking skills the way they like it to be, unlike robots.

3. Robots don’t understand a student’s growing brain.

A teacher always understand every single student in his her classroom. It is the very important role of a teacher even before we were born.

4. Robots need batteries/chargers and they die without power, teachers are humans.

Without power, robots don’t work. Teachers are humans so they can fend for their students even on holidays and black-out days.

5. Robots don’t help children thrive in uncertain future like teachers do.

Teachers help students thrive in uncertainties. They help students understand things like this.

6. Robots are only in movies but they can’t surpass real teachers.

Real teachers are the ones who honed the makers of the robots nowadays. Without teachers, robots don’t exist as well.

7. Robots don’t help children develop curiosity on hands-on things.

How can a robot make a student gets curious about life? Teachers can fix anything as long as is something that students get curious about with.

8. Robots need inputs from humans. Teachers develop their own web of inputs through experience.

Humans are the source of input in these robots. Teachers have their own complex system that works because they experience it as a human. In return they share it to students.

9. Robots don’t understand each student’s emotions and feelings, teachers do.

Robots are hard metals, they don’t understand what a student is going through.

10. Robots are man-made, but teachers are from God, the maker of all things!

We must understand that God created humans. God created teachers and teachers created robots. That’s the most real thing that ever existed and no one can twist it. Robots can’t replace teachers. – Clea | Helpline PH