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In the upcoming election, retired teachers and school heads will run as town councilors or mayoral candidates in their respective districts. Are they in or out?

In the upcoming election, retired teachers and school heads will run as town councilors or mayoral candidates in their respective districts. Are they in or out?

What is the purpose of the retired teachers and school heads running as town councilors or mayors for this coming election? Being a public servant is not easy. Various problems are encountered in their respective towns. Public servant work is really advantageous if the one who wins the election is a principal or teacher, because they already have a background or experience in how to serve and deal with people, but it also depends on their performance in the past when they were still active in their service as teachers and school heads. But do not focus on their profession or position. See to it that people also evaluate their records if they are performing well or serving their students and school well. At the time, only students and teachers from one school served. Unlike serving one town with numerous barangays. Good leadership is very important in the world of politics. Without this good leadership, it is better not to pursue the plan of running as candidates in this coming election.

The retired teachers and principals who are willing to enter politics will undoubtedly want to continue their service for as long as they live. Besides, as they receive their pension monthly, the salary as a town councilor is additional to their income. If your purpose is to continue serving people, I doubt if that is only your purpose, but receiving additional income for your family is a good thing. This is also a good idea for those who have already retired, but remember that being a public servant is also stressful. A health condition is also one to consider before entering this political arena. See to it that a teacher or school head who is sick or physically unfit should not continue to enter this arena, because how could you serve the people if you are not well? Receiving a salary without public services is also unfair to the people within your town. People need your service, not the money you are giving during your campaign. It’s better not to win or participate in this political world than to disappoint people. Remember, life in politics is dangerous and you are putting your pension to waste. At the age of 60 or above, it is better to relax and move to different places to enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery that you haven’t seen before. Relaxation is the best way to extend your life and enjoy your pension with your family. Keep in mind that life is so short; live peacefully, care for yourself, be happy and avoid stressful environments.

This is not meant to deter retired teachers and school heads from entering or currently being involved in politics; rather, it serves as a reminder that politics is filthy and stressful. In fact, you have the option of choosing whether you want to live a life that will allow you to live longer or a life that would allow you to live shorter. This is not a negative comment, but rather a reminder to everyone who are participating in the political process that the world is not always pleasant, and it can also be cruel. – Doki | Helpline PH