Ideal age of a teacher to retire from service

Ideal age of a teacher to retire from service

In the public, teachers can retire at the age of 60 but can still extend their service up to 65 if they want to. The compulsory age to retire is 60 years old. So what is the ideal age of a teacher to retire from service?

Sixty is not an ideal age for retirement in my own point of view. At present, this age is already very lucky. If you reach 60, consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the planet. People nowadays are lucky enough to live past 60 years old with all the lifestyle we have. In real setting, death is everywhere especially with the pandemic lurking.

In the past decades, it is natural and common for teachers to have good health even if they reach retirement. Teachers before spent their lives doing what they enjoy the most after retirement. They did not worry about monetary fund because every month they receive pension. Their days before are so much more different compared at present.

At present, the lifestyle of the people changed. From the food, clothing and the choice of hobbies down to the kinds of ailments we have. If you are a teacher and you wish to enjoy life to the fullest, retiring early is an option.

It is most likely to be very impossible to retire early since 60 is the compulsory age in the government to retire. Retirees will receive their pensions after. But if I were to decide, I would like to have 55 as a retirement age. This is the best possible and ideal age of a teacher to retire is 55.

Teachers should take good care of their health to enjoy the perks of retirement. It is sad to note that these days, different sickness come out early. The salary of a teacher is not even enough to pay hospital bills. Early retirement is a choice that will measure how a teacher values her whole self. – Clea | Helpline PH