Reasons Why Teachers Are Not Excited to Go Back to School This School Year 2024-2025

Did you ever wonder if teachers are always excited to return to their respective schools after the vacation? Well, it actually depends on the teacher, but most of them are not enthusiastic about going back to school. Let’s explore some of the major reasons why teachers might not look forward to the back-to-school season.

Vacation time is insufficient

Teachers are grateful for the vacation, but honestly, the days are not enough to replenish the stress of the whole school year. Although you won’t hear teachers complain, this is the sad reality they always face. It’s a good thing they are professional enough to handle difficult times, so it seems they can really do well in their fields, but the limited vacation time makes the back-to-school transition tough.

Demanding principals and stressful environments

If a public school has a principal who is demanding and authoritative, teachers may find it hard to work properly. One reason why teachers are resigning from their positions is the principal. Some principals are in denial but they just don’t want to feel guilty. More and more teachers are giving up their positions to maintain their mental health in a demanding school environment. Many ancillary tasks are not part of teaching, adding more stress when going back to school.

Weak system and curriculum

In DepEd, teachers often face confusion due to inconsistent instructions from the highest levels down to the districts. Most of the time, memorandums are not uniformly understood across all schools nationwide. This inconsistency leads to different interpretations and impositions. Regardless of who the leader is, the education sector remains weak and ever-changing. The most affected are teachers and students, making the back-to-school period even more challenging.

Tiring busy days ahead

When a principal calls for a meeting during the vacation period, it usually means more work ahead, leading to more stress for teachers. The education system is rapidly changing, and teachers are always stressed, but compensation never increases, making back-to-school time a reminder of the imbalance between workload and pay.

Lack of motivation

Teachers are motivated by their salary, but if it’s not sufficient to meet their needs, this becomes a problem. No money, no energy. With the cost of living rising and salaries staying the same, the back-to-school period highlights this financial strain.

These are some of the reasons why teachers are not excited to go back to school, but of course, they still work hard as they are professionals. – Avril | Helpline PH