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Reasons Why Public School Teachers Should Be Well Compensated

Public School Teachers Should Be Well Compensated

Teachers have the biggest number of working force in the country yet underrated. They were and are still patient about this pay hike issue which the government can’t give them.

Here are the top reasons why public school teachers deserve salary increase.

1. Offer time (Overtime) and extended working hours

Unlike any other uniformed personnel in the country, teachers always do offer time. Extended long periods of checking, recording and assessing the student’s papers. Their work is non-stop even in their own home.

2. Jack of all trades

People in the community see teachers as individuals who knew everything. Teachers do multi-tasking from one job description to another to meet high expectations. It is good to note that wherever these teachers are, they stand out and do the job well.

3. The second parents in the classroom

One thing is for sure and that is the teachers function as the second parents to all their students in the school. Parents do trust teachers in the welfare of their children. It is not even easy to watch one kid, how about like a bunch of them. Classroom is a park where diverse students gather. It is up to the teacher to figure out how to manage one class as a family.

4. Using their own penny for educational stuff

This is what happens when a school is not prioritized in the distribution of the MOOE budget. Most of the time, teachers have to use their own pocket money to save their classrooms. It should have been the responsibility of the government to make sure schools are in good shape.

6. Virtuous deeds despite poor working environment

Teachers can be patient with the environment that they have. Even with poor buildings and infrastructures they manage to maintain their profession. In other countries, the schools have good facilities and their place. The schools should be conducive to learning.

7. Teachers are the first ones to call during busy days

In every gathering, teachers’ participation is always needed. During elections, teacher serves without hesitation. During parades and town anniversaries, teachers lead the way. In all aspects, teachers are present in the community, in town and all other places. It is so clear that the country needs the teachers.

8. Brain drain problem

Most teachers try to find greener pasture so they end up trying their luck in other countries. The best ones left the country instead of serving it. Would it be nice if the government will make sure that no brilliant mind will go? In order for this to happen, they need to make some assurance that teachers can earn as much as they needed here.

Teachers are the catalyst of change. They deserve a good salary like those other uniformed personnel in the country. Their job descriptions may be different but their work is as huge as theirs. – Clea | Helpline PH