Public School Horrors: Real or Myth?

Public School Horrors: Real or Myth?

Public school horrors are very famous then and now and most creepy stories evolve from time to time. Sometimes, these stories are what we call “urban legends” that are actually passed on. We may be curious if these stories are real or man-made because they give us goose bumps.

Public school horrors are common in the Philippines. During vacant time, students will gather themselves to talk about creepy stories. It’s actually a mixture of ghosts or entities that are living inside the school campus. The question is: Are these stories real or myth? Well then, the answer is actually both. Some stories are from the real experiences of students and teachers in a certain school. These stories are then shared through mouth and sometimes with different versions. Other stories are man-made just to scare students.

The truth is, you cannot see a public school without a “creepy” history in it. All public schools in the Philippines have their own legends. Let me give you a hint on some public school horrors that are common in our public schools.

  • Most schools claim that their campus is also the place of various entities. Some of these entities are kapre, duwende, and etc. These entities will occupy the school at night. So, students and teachers should go home at exactly 5:00 PM to avoid disturbing these entities.
  • Aside from the entities, ghost like white ladies and lost souls are also part of the circle. Some students and teachers claim that they have encountered these kinds of ghosts.
  • Some ghosts and entities are violent and they do dark deeds to some students.
  • Other ghosts and entities as well are playful and likes to scare the students and teachers.

These public school horrors will actually stay in the history of the school. The clue is, there is no harm if you believe it or not. Real or myth, these stories form part of the school history. Students may fear these horrors but as soon as they mature, they will think back their high school days. One thing is for sure, they will laugh as they reminisce all these creepy memories. – Clea | Helpline PH