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Teachers’ promotion is not a walk in the park

Teachers’ promotion is not a walk in the park

Teachers have many options to advance in the workplace, not only in terms of professional development but also in terms of promotion. As a worker, advancement in a position is a great favor from Almighty God. If you have the best performance among the others, you will be promoted. However, if you are promoted without regard to your performance, that is another matter. Many factors must be respected and obeyed when promoting. Make sure you’re a high achiever, a workaholic, and have a long list of scholastic achievements. Many teachers aspire to advance from Teacher I to Teacher II, Teacher II to Teacher III, Teacher III to Master Teacher I, and Master Teacher I to Master Teacher II positions. All of these roles are open to all teachers, allowing them to increase their salaries. However, make certain that you are qualified for these positions. Why are there so many teachers vying for these positions? Why are so many teachers in these roles contested? Why are the applicants having conflicts with their co-applicants for this position? The rise in income is the primary reason why some applicants are lining up for promotion, arguing the documents, and getting into conflict with other applicants. Do you realize that even inept teachers with no track record have applied for the position? As a result, if they do not choose in a position or are not rated first in the ranking list, all kinds of bad issues will surface. Because they are not promoted, envious teachers will constantly find a way to bring you down. Crabs’ attitude symbolizes this kind of teacher. Keep an eye on the crabs in the basin. The other crabs are always tugging them to make sure they can’t climb up to go out. As a result, no one can reach the top.

Other applicants, particularly for the Master Teacher position, fabricate documents in order to pass the minimum points required. Because of the large wage rise, the master teacher position is a contentious one. The majority of teachers are fighting for this position. There are teachers who are inept in certain areas. If they discover that one of their competitors has a long list of accomplishments or supporting documents to provide, and they believe they won’t be able to reach the points with him/her, they look for flaws in order to disqualify the applicant. Getting promoted to a higher position is not an easy task. It’s not like walking in the park. Do you think providing forged or opulent documents solely for the sake of gaining points is good? In the ranking for promotion, which is like a race, there is collusion. If you are truly honest and God-fearing, make sure you are well-prepared with a variety of documents to ensure a fair race. Don’t make up paperwork; instead, build on your accomplishments so that when you acquire the position, you have great sentiments of confidence and pride. If you’re not honest, your conscience will constantly bother you. As a result, you may be always thirsty for power and fearful of vengeance. So, be wary of retribution. Comeuppance isn’t like a spicy pepper that makes you feel quickly.

In higher positions, such as Master Teacher, you have a greater number of responsibilities to perform than in lower positions. The master teacher is the second highest-ranking teacher in the school, and serves as assistant to the school principal’s paperwork, planning, and projects. If you think that being a master teacher is just signing papers without having to do any labor, you’re mistaken! You appear to be winning the lottery or lazing about doing nothing, ohm! What a lovely existence! Make sure you work on your responsibilities when you’re in this situation. If not, I believe a non-master teacher still accomplishes far more than you. Don’t act like a school principal if you’re a master teacher, am I right? Remember that before you can be considered a school head, you must take and pass the principal’s exam. How much more do Teacher III positions feel obligated to act as master teachers or school principals? Many teachers in T-III positions are functioning as school principals. Maybe they forgot where they were supposed to be. I’d like to remind you that you’re a teacher, not a principal. Regardless of your rank, you are on par with other teachers. In the office, don’t act like a school head if you’re an office worker? I believe you will not be hired if there are no teachers. Don’t think of yourself as superior to teachers; if we look at your tasks, we’ll see that you’re merely assistants. You can’t be employed without teachers. Perhaps you’ve been given a different task by another company or institution.

Friendships amongst teachers have already faded as a result of promotion. Promotions are to blame for their breakup. Promotion, in my opinion, is a source of strife, miscommunication, and instability. However, I believe that promotion is the ideal option provided all teachers seeking advancement have respect, are honest, and patient. Wait your turn to be equal in the race. If you can’t get to the stars, don’t bother trying. Allow others to advance without interfering with your own advancement. Otherwise, your ugliest, greediest mentality is reflected in your face. Other teachers are terrified of being rated since there are teacher applicants, and others who are currently in the position despise the co-teacher applicants because they want the teachers promoted among their friends. What an outlandish notion! This kind of mindset will be punished shortly, perhaps not in this life, but in the afterlife. Let us be fair! – Doki | Helpline PH