Professional licensed teachers don’t need to rush things ahead to be on the spot

Professional licensed teachers

After graduation, an education graduate will have to face a new phase of struggles. These struggles are the thorns that will hinder their way towards reaching the goal. Landing an item is not a miracle. Before reaching their goal, education graduates sweat blood.

There is this one post that caught my attention as I have reminisced my days being in her shoes before. This new licensed teacher talks about how it upsets her when people try to ask her why she still is not a part of DepEd.

You’re so busy, you’re cheap You’re so pressuring.

Oh my, what’s that easy? Hahaha Only Educ can relate. If you don’t know how cute our course is, don’t let it be dzai / dzong ha! 

If it’s hard to graduate in college ; the board exam is harder ; the hardest is to be a public school teacher besh … with all the seminars, trainings, teaching experience, demo, interview, EPT with tons of documents.
What do you think, if you graduate from college; are you okay?

What do you think, if you pass the board exam; automatically DepEd teacher is the place there? Hahaha
Just be me, if it’s easy

YES! I dream of that greener pasture for my family. I dream of that lifetime career, kanang no need na molakaw sa other country to give your family a better life, kay diko gusto malayo sa ako family.

I made mistakes along the way, but I don’t give up on my dream. Daghan ko hardships and pagsulay nga ako naagian, nga hantod karun wala ko kabalo kung giunsa nako to pag overcome. Maybe one reason is that I BELIEVE IN MYSELF and STAND FOR MY DREAM.

JUST SLOWLY GOOD OY. One step closer, one step higher. Don’t even race, right? We will be the ones who will suffer in hardship. I’m taking it easy. I will always reach there in God’s perfect time. FIGHTING!

I’m tired of answering your queries Makabalo ra lage mo puhon kay free snowbear 


Reference/Credits to: Junalyn Mugot

Well, 100% I agree with what she has to say. After graduation, education students literally will have to undergo so much pressure. First is the review for the board exam. Then the real examination where you will feel nervous all the time. The after the examination is the stress while waiting for the result. If you luckily pass the licensure exam, the pressure is not over yet.

Before all teachers landed on their items, it is a roller coaster ride for them to be able to be on their spots today. Some will take 3 years, 5 years or even 10 years before they get an item. Only those DOST scholars have made their way so easy to land immediate items. If you are a regular applicant, expect it to be a tough process unless you have someone higher in the position to grab you up.

This is to raise awareness for some people who think landing items in the government is that easy. I am telling you it is never and never will be easy. There is a system and a due process and a hell lot of hindrance before you become a full-pledge teacher. – Clea | Helpline PH