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Top 10 preparations if you wish to become a public school teacher

Preparations if you wish to become a public school teacher

Many college graduates nowadays end up enrolling in a bridging course so they can teach. To mention, the number of graduates in education who are trying to penetrate DepEd family is high.There is only few number of items in DepEd. In return, more education graduates are not hired rather than those who took bridging.

The real deal here is how prepared are those new hired teachers to face the real challenges in the system? Here are the top 10 preparations if you wish to become public school teachers.

1. Physical, mental and emotional health at all cost

Given the bulk of work you have to undergo, your general health matters the most. Being a teacher means a lifelong journey so stay healthy and avoid stress.

2. Strong mentality and positive mindset

A teacher should always be tough and strong for his/her students. The students look up to their teachers most of the time. If you are weak, your students will also feel weak but if you are strong then they will also be.

3. Flexible and prepared at all times

Teachers are like bamboos, one struck with the wind and it will bend but not break. In difficult times, teachers are there to support and always guide their students. Preparedness is also needed every time the community needs them.

4. Confidence in everything

A teacher should be confident in all she does. Students will find a weakness if you are not sure in some things. You need to let them see that you are confident all the time.

5. Good leadership skills

Teachers are the best leaders. Students look up to what their teacher told them to do and they will follow. This is very important in making sure that all is well inside the four walls of your classroom.

6. Tamed personality

There is no room for dumb teachers in the public schools. All teachers know when and where to start and stop. They know their limitations and the scope of their responsibilities. It is a shame for those who become teachers but are ignorant of their purpose. The four years of being an education student are the training days for a better purpose.

7. Proper decorum oriented

If you don’t understand well the code of ethics for teachers, it is your shame. Per observation, many new teachers at present are wild and carefree. This is the result of hiring those who only took bridging courses without training. Most of these teachers tend to neglect the code of ethics which is the sacred bible in the field of teaching.

8. Risk-taker

There is always risk in teaching. It is something that nobody can avoid with. Different situations may suggest for risk-taking adventures and teachers must deal with it. If you are afraid of it, then teaching is not for you.

9. Open-minded and able to accept changes

The teaching world is very broad and you need to be open-minded enough to be able to cope with what lies ahead. Change is constant so it will also be for teachers. There is no room to be stagnant.

10. God fearing

A teacher who is God fearing is someone who can make his/her students respect her all throughout the way.

So you see, it is not easy to become a full-fledged public school teacher. Try to assess yourself whether you can cope up with all this sort of newness in your field. Come what may, you have to make yourself a good teacher for the sake of the students who will love you as you are. – Clea | Helpline PH