Teachers to politicians: “WALK THE TALK”

Teachers to politicians: “WALK THE TALK”

Election is fast approaching again and politicians are trying to get their way to people. Politicians who are celebrities as well need not to sell themselves too far. They are already known from head to foot and how they do in politics. For some aspirant politicians, they try to sell themselves ahead of time to get support.

The vote of the people matter to all the candidates for the 2022 elections. Candidates are eyeing for the voters to support them. Teachers are part of the very large crowd that these politicians are targeting as always.

Teachers are everywhere and the largest group of professionals in the country. Not only they are wise voters but their services are also needed during elections. Politicians are trying to get their way to earn the support of these teachers from the start. Every election, lawmakers/politicians are trying to push bills intended for teachers. One bill that is always pushed through is the starting salary of teachers that ranges from Php 30K – 35K. Sounds very promising to teachers but after the election, these bills fade away. Like bubbles in the air, it is gone right away.

Teachers knew exactly what to do next. They know that bills like this will not be a reality after the election. No one will support it because it always does. In literal, these bills are promises made by politicians to break after. Teachers says this to politicians who are trying to get their support: “Walk your talk”.

Over time, people are getting wittier on choosing their leaders. The next 2022 election will mark the judgment we though best. Choosing the next line-up of good leaders is hard but we have to do it right. Teachers hope that one of these days, one of your bills will get through and will be a reality. – Clea | Helpline PH