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PLANT LOVERS: Plantita and plantito teachers

PLANT LOVERS: Plantita and plantito teachers

COVID-19 triggered a pandemic in 2020.It is still affecting people even this year 2021, and the economy is slowing down, so everyone is in a state of distress. The price increase is hurting both unemployed and employed people. The people discover a way to alleviate the issue by focusing on flora. Planting and purchasing various sorts of plants is one way for people to divert their attention away from the current predicament. People develop ways to propagate more and sell them online via Facebook Live, posting on Facebook, Facebook Page, Messenger, Google, YouTube, displaying them at markets, malls, stores, and so on, because rare plants or certain sorts of plants are expensive. Plants are so popular in the Philippines despite the rising number of people afflicted with COVID-19, as well as numerous recorded fatalities. People, on the other hand, are not affected. Instead, they battle it by selling pots and plants everywhere. Some plantitas and plantitos turn their hobby into a business, importing and exporting their plants to various locations in the Philippines and abroad.

It’s a good thing that plants are addictive. It encourages people to pay more attention to plants. Rather than being unhappy, people discover a way to earn money while waiting for the pandemic to stop. Teachers are one of the most impacted groups of individuals because of the bumping of papers that occurs every day. Even on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, they still work on it without a break. Teachers are suffocating under the weight of new learning modalities such as modular distance learning and online distance learning, so they distract their attention by being plantitas and plantitos to pass the time. Aside from the joy that plants bring, they can also provide cash to help their families meet their basic necessities. Many teachers use their bonuses and other benefits they have received by purchasing and planting plants. They offer it online since they don’t have time to sell it in market places or shopping malls. Plants bring teachers to life and assist them to survive in this type of learning environment. Because of the plants, many teachers and plant lovers have improved their current living conditions. In their homes, they have their own gardens. Many unusual and wonderful flora can be found in their dwellings.

Despite being confined, the plantitas and plantitos continue to walk around and travel to other towns in their province in search of and purchase plants. Many of the benefits plants may offer to people in this time of pandemic, like visiting the gardens, which are surrounded by a variety of hanging and non-hanging plants, is like receiving treatment for your ailments and depression. Aside from healing people, plants also help heinous people to divert their vices to plants. Don’t you realize that a lot of people steal plants? Instead of stealing wallets, cellphones and any materials to sell, they decided to steal plants. They’re spending their time on stealing and selling plants. Plants are extremely valuable in the eyes of robbers due to their high price. Not only have the robbers engaged in stealing plants, but drug users may also be less of a concern now that they’ve started working as keepers for their own plant business. This form of diversion teaches people that a pandemic isn’t the end of the world, and it enables them to discover alternative sources of income while living in a world where they don’t know when the pandemic will finish. – Doki |Helpline PH