Philhealth Premium contribution hike in June 2022 is intense and alarming

Philhealth Premium contribution hike in June 2022 is intense and alarming

An advisory on PhilHealth premium contribution hike starting June 2022 is circulating online. The rise in the premium contribution is from 3% to 4%. This will take effect next month of June and this is also retroactive effective January. This means an intense change to the salary of the employers and members. This news saddened teachers as well as they know what to expect in their payslip already.

The PhilHealth premium contribution hike means extra agony to all members. This means that from January to May, members will have to pay another 1% as an addition to the previous 3%. Alarmed employers and members have commented their sides on this latest issue. It is another burden to us nowadays when we are still battling with our economy on the hike. Everything is on the hike and yet the salaries and wages remained low.

PhilHealth premium contribution hike will not help the people. It will be a burden and many will find it hard to pay the premium. It seemed that instead of helping the people, it adds to the problem. No wonder why  Philippines will not progress due to leaders who are corrupt. Why increase the premium in a sudden when they know how difficult life is at the moment? Even teachers are complaining about this issue as well.

Government employees will expect their payslip to be useless already. What is 5k as net pay? Then another burden is the PhilHealth premium contribution hike? Teachers and other government employees as well as private members are sad.

With the recent election, we hope that the new leaders will give attention top this matter. It is a matter of survival for the common people if this will push through. It is only fair if they will have PhilHealth premium contribution hike but also a salary hike to everyone. In this case, nobody is pitiful and all can survive these hard times. – Clea | Helpline PH