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It’s clear that Philhealth is useless and contributing to the agony of the teachers

It’s clear that Philhealth is useless and contributing to the agony of the teachers

PhilHealth is useless and instead is contributing to the current agony of teachers. How many years was it when PhilHealth was first introduced to employees? The main purpose of PhilHealth is to give universal health coverage to the country. It is to help the poor people in the country to access health care services. Yet, instead of helping their clientele it seemed that they only want to suck us dry. Government employees like teachers for example are one of the largest contributory group.

Teachers felt that PhilHealth is useless for a fact that they didn’t get the benefits. Most of the times, more teachers landed in the hospital but ended up not getting what is due to them. PhilHealth will only cover a tiny percentage of the total bills of their clients. What teachers and other clients need is a full coverage of hospitalization. Teachers are calling the attention of our leaders for a change, for a betterment.

If PhilHealth is useless, then what happened to the contributions of the people? Who are to blame for this wicked problem that is haunting the clients more many years now? People need a change in the system. Teachers are now calling the attention of their heads to give justice to this rotting system. Teachers need full hospitalization coverage to ensure their health. They need health cards that will give them 100% assurance whenever they are sick. If other countries can do this then why can’t the Philippines do as well? There are many chances of doing but the leaders in the position doesn’t seem to care at all.

Teacher felt that PhilHealth is useless in many sense. PhilHealth never helped teachers at all. Teachers are working their butts very hard but in return, they fear for their health. Leaders need to wake up on this matter. Teachers can only share their thoughts on social media but they don’t have the power. Their voices are never heard of even with all the cries they do.Avril | Helpline PH