Importance of Strengthening the Parent-teacher Relationship

Importance of Strengthening the Parent-teacher Relationship

We can always remember that one fine sunny day at the school ground where we perform our mass dance for some foundation day celebration. We practiced months for that 5-minute performance! Our parents on the side where cheering with pride and joy. They’re cheering because they are proud of our performance and certainly, cellphones during that time did not exist so they probably have all the time in the world to just watch us ( 90’s babies ). They do have some old camera that uses film but won’t take extra time to snap a picture, plus the snapshots are limited since they are using film. No texting and recording of our dance galore so all eyes were just focusing on appreciating our movements. We could not help it but felt happy because they are there. They are supporting. We felt that emotional security.

We can easily recall when our parents attended our graduation ceremony or Christmas party. They had a good talk with our teacher. They are somehow connected and we felt proud because our parents are friends with our teachers. For the parent’s part, they need to have a good relationship with the teacher. A parent who has strong communication with the faculty members of the school is more informed thus he or she can do better in helping his/her child cope up with the school requirements. A mother or father becomes more knowledgeable in handling their child’s weak spot in terms of school activities and requirements.

If a parent is well informed then it will not only benefit him but also the teachers and students. If the child has been given a good support system at home for their studies then they become less burden for teachers. Teachers can now focus more on improving the contents of her lessons than worrying about the study habits of her students. If this happens then it will create a more relaxed environment for teachers thus resulting in high quality of learnings that students can absorb. Now another bonus for a good relationship between parents and teachers is that students became more involved at school. When they feel that they are getting a huge amount of support from their parents, it makes them confident in school. They are motivated to perform well hence there is an increase in good study habits and attendance. Student’s outlook about school becomes more positive.

One way of strengthening the parent-teacher relationship is two-way communication. Both parties should be responsible for communicating with each other. If there are activities in school that need the participation of parents the parents should gladly cooperate. described ways that create opportunities for two-way communication between a parent and teachers by conducting parent conferences. This way the teachers will be allowed to discuss the pressing matters regarding the whereabouts of students with the participation of parents. Next is a parent-teacher organization, this would help teachers and parents become more exposed to each other thus encouraging meaningful relationships. Another is weekly or monthly folders of student work sent home for parent review and comment. Parents become more involved in the school activities of their children. Requesting for their comments and suggestions gives them a sense of importance and involvement in their children’s school performance. It’s also good that we can make a phone call to a parent regarding the academic standing of their child, should their child attained a remarkable success or made some huge mistakes in the school. Lastly, a parent and teacher can always address pressing issues regarding a student in a more discreet matter through email or suggesting amendments in the learning institution through the school’s website.

Strengthening the parent-teacher relationship is of the highest importance nowadays because students can be easily swayed by peers and lost focus on their studies especially that online gaming has penetrated their ways to socialize and has taken a gargantuan amount of their time and focus. We need to reinforce the connection between the parent and teacher now more than ever. – Karie | Helpline PH