Old-School Discipline Image Goes Viral, Brings Back Memories

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Old-School Discipline Image Goes Viral, Brings Back Memories

An intriguing image portraying traditional disciplinary techniques from yesteryear recently made its way around the internet, eliciting a wide range of responses from netizens. The picture, credited to FAM2019, was shared by the Teach Pinas Community on their Facebook page, accompanied by the caption: “Despite this, we can say that we were disciplined. A wave to those who experienced this.”

Numerous individuals weighed in on the subject, sharing their perspectives in the comments section. Jenerose Mac***y commented, “Learning is more effective when it is accompanied by discipline. This is confirmed through experience.”

Sylvia G**l humorously added, “I was ‘outstanding’ back then! Always ‘standing out’ of the room because I was noisy and rowdy. . . standing in the front or the back. I didn’t mind my classmates laughing at me. In any case, I was smarter than them. Thanks, ma’am, for the discipline.”

On the other hand, Ed Ec***o took a different stance, stating, “Even animals do not deserve this. I guided my students to be upright individuals without resorting to these measures.”

While many people may connect with this nostalgic representation and some may even endorse the illustrated “throwback” approach, it is crucial to remember that current laws safeguard children from both physical and emotional harm. According to RA 7610 or the Act Providing Stronger Deterrence and Special Protection of Children against Child Abuse, Exploitation, and Discrimination, anyone inflicting harm on children will be held accountable under the law.



This viral image, featuring old-school discipline methods, offers an opportunity for reflection on the evolution of education and the changing norms around discipline. While some netizens might feel nostalgic about the methods shown in the old-school discipline image and credit them for building discipline, it is important to recognize the potential harm such techniques could cause. As a society, we must continue to seek more compassionate and effective ways of teaching and fostering discipline, without resorting to measures that may harm a child physically or emotionally, as seen in the old-school discipline image. The conversation surrounding this viral old-school discipline image emphasizes the need for progressive approaches in today’s educational landscape.