Top 5 worries of teachers on the new normal way of teaching in the public schools

Top 5 worries of teachers on the new normal way of teaching in the public schools

Teachers are recently keeping themselves busy on the preparations of the different learning materials that will be used in the fast-approaching classes this coming August 2020 and yet they are also worried about the consequences of the different techniques that will be used. Since the President already mentioned that he will not risk the lives of the students even if it means they will stop going to school unless a vaccine is available, then the education team also conducted ways and means to still cater the educational needs of the students making use of the different learning modalities that are readily available and applicable that is also comfortable to the students.

In line with these issues on the new normal way of learning, the teachers are given free Webinars in preparation for the new normal learning. Then after getting the necessary ideas and skills, the teachers are getting their learning materials ready (Modules, Activity Sheets) for distribution. This is where the worries of the teacher’s flare-up.

Here are the Top 5 worries of the teachers on the new normal way of teaching during this pandemic:

1. Teachers worry if the Learning Modules be read by students or it will just be left in the corner unread.

This is the very first worry we try to think always. In a classroom with heterogeneous learners, there are those who are intelligent enough, trying hard and hose that need attention while giving the discussions. Some students don’t read their lessons even when the teacher told them to, how much more if they will be only asked to comply to read it in their own houses? I hope the modules won’t be rejected and trampled because we teachers tried our very best in the preparation just to reproduce it.

2. Teachers worry a lot if the Activity Sheets will be answered by the students wholeheartedly.

There are Activity Sheets (Pre-Test, Post-Test) intended to measure the learning of the students while they stayed at home.  There are rumors that the parents are the ones who answered it just to comply. Imagine the scenario: it is just like giving an assignment and the parents are the ones who answered it. If that happens, then everything will be useless. It’s better for the students to get low scores so the teachers can prepare were to dig deeper when this pandemic ends and face-to-face interaction will be allowed than getting high scores without the learning. Just expect that students will go to their neighbors to ask them to help answer the activity sheets.

3. Teachers worry if the students really can understand what they are doing in their own homes.

This is the consequence that goes with the “staying at home” new way of teaching because most students’ still needs guidance as to know it will be done. There are parents who are capable of doing this but most of the time, students will be asking their teacher to properly understand (lucky for those who have access online since they can directly ask their teacher).

4. Teachers worry if the parents can also relate if there are questions raised by their children.

If the parents are good enough to relate to the topic, then they can extend their own hands to their children if learning, but most of the time, parents will also be confused. It is not just one subject but many in the first place each student must try to dig deeper.

5. Teachers worry about those students that are unreachable.

There are students who live far away. This means a teacher should be the one to make efforts in giving the modules to them. They can’t access the internet so they really need the learning modules for them to get busy with.

These are most of the worries we encounter from time to time. Mostly, Modular Learning is the best way we can offer to our students during this pandemic. We can also reach our students via messenger but still, most of them choose the modular lessons since it is more convenient to hem. I just hope that this pandemic will end very soon so that everything will be back to the usual. – Clea | Helpline PH