Teachers Backlash Over New DepEd Uniforms for SY 2021-2023

New DepEd Uniforms for SY 2021-2023

The teachers backlash over new DepEd uniforms for SY 2021-2023. Teachers are eager to see the new designs of their new uniforms. Recently, new designs for the teacher’s uniform came out on social media. Different comments and suggestions also pop out. The teachers do have different sentiments about the designs.

Some teachers said that the Php 6,000.00 clothing allowance will not suffice to buy of the four sets of uniform. This is somehow true provided the amount of the services of the tailor nowadays. You also have to add up the amount of the cloth material. The clothing allowance will not be enough from the clothing material down to tailor. However, Usec Annalyn M. Sevilla responded that teachers should not worry. The teachers can buy the uniforms in transitions from SY 2021-2023. She said that there is no pressure in buying all four sets in one school year.

Another comment on the new DepEd uniforms for SY 2021-2023 said that the design model is very fit. They suggest that there will also be a model for plump bodied teachers to give justice to the design. The colors of the clothing material are darker. Those dark-skinned teachers will look darker as well because of the color combination.

All teaching personnel of DepEd are to wear their new DepEd uniforms for SY 2021-2023 as soon as it is available. There is no need to hurry since there will be three consecutive school years to have it. To expect, our clothing allowance will arrive one of these days. Some teachers already listed their names to order the clothing materials needed. Some online shops are even doing canvass on the durability of the cloth to use.

It is exciting to wait for the orders and the fulfillment will be the days when you see yourself wearing it. Remember, don’t pressure yourself on this matter. – Clea | Helpline PH

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