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The most justifiable monthly salary of a teacher

The most justifiable monthly salary of a teacher

What should be the most justifiable salary of a teacher? This question is always asked as long as topic about the salary in the public school is concern.

Teaching is the noblest profession ever born and yet it is also the most underrated job ever. Children at young age are quite eager to follow their teachers’ footsteps. Teachers are the source of inspiration for some youngsters.

Great service to the community and the country are two great things teachers are doing. Yet, they are not well compensated and are still facing financial constraints. These often lead to constant loans and debts from certain lending entities. Our teachers are thinking when that time will come that this trend will break off so they can be of better place.

People say that it depends on the management of a teacher but they are not in their shoes to say it. It is one big fact that their salaries are not enough. Proven and tested as it is that every month, before the salary is going through the ATM, it is already budgeted.

There are a few lawmakers who filed bills seeking to increase the salary of teachers. Yet, up until now there are no progress on their actions.

So, what should be the most justifiable salary of a teacher in the public school? According to surveys, teachers should have Php 30,000 to Php 35,000 for Teacher I positions. This is the most justifiable salary of a teacher in the country. In due time, it will increase depending on the position via promotions. With this amount, teachers can support their families without diving into debts.

A teacher’s job is not focused on teaching only. Rather, they impart their skills and love to their students. They are the second parents to these youngsters. Teachers should receive what are due to them. – Clea | Helpline PH

7 thoughts on “The most justifiable monthly salary of a teacher”

  1. Nokesamlito A. Tabotabo

    Teachers compensation spent not just for the family but also for classroom structuring which are sometimes not covered by the MOOE.
    Teachers’ number is not enough reason for the government to set aside raising teachers salary, it’s about giving equal treatment to all employees in the country in order for all to have descent living..
    I pray that the leaders of this land will consider the call on raising teachers compensation for this is the right of all!

  2. I think it’s time to pay the teachers what is due to them, it’s one of the reasons why im pursuing my goal to become a SENATOR next year. As a son to a private & public school teacher. I saw a big difference in the life of a public school teacher. First, the total numbers of student are very high atleast 60 student per teacher. IBeing the eldest of the family i saw my mom sleeping due to tiredness in making the class record and the reports. That’s why out of love of my mother i just help her in doing her class record and reports. Second, i have to help her clean the classroom during weekends and help her in the decorations and opening of the classes. Third, sometimes i help my mother pack some extra food for her students who has no launch to eat. This is some reality happening in our public school premises and when the right time to come i will address thAt concern.

    1. Yesssss many promises made if a person dream to be a senator or whatever position in the government. The problem is this,if they win all the promises gone like a wind and the poor teachers are always longing and barking the 4 magic words…HOW ??? WHEN ??? WHAT ??? and WHY ?
      Kawawang kaming mga guro…..mga boto lang namin ang napa Mahal sa kanila hindi ang kahirapan at pagtitiis na aming naramdaman. KAYA…TAMAAAAA ……NAaaaa as promise na iyan pagud na pagud at naririndi na kami .

  3. Steeve Orville V. Cañal

    No matter how energetic the cries of the advocates in education and no matter how many times they will conduct their surveys and research if the Head of the Department and the President will not approve it is still of no avail, we are just mere pawn in the game of chess teachers are greatly abused, rejected and manipulate and the worst exploited the the sole personal interest of the few. our cry for increase have been long overdue and the promises are just mere words that are played by the learned individuals, we teachers are hand tied by their greed and selfishness… Sorry are we for we cannot do anything, sorry are we for our plea fell on deaf ears. those who are in power expect us always to turn the other cheek, how I pity our profession… All I can say is, those who step on others will reap greatly in the presence of the ALMIGHTY.

    1. Very well said po. Im turning all my hopes of a justifiable compensation to our God Almighty.
      As Ive seen from past administrations,were left behind among the priorities. God knows and He will repay us in due time for our noblest deeds.

  4. We will believe soon if they can implement the salary increase of teachers in depEd Philippines,We will together pray for that as a teacher 1 applicant.

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