Top 5 Things Millennial Students Need to Re-Learn in the Present Educational Setting

Top 5 Things Millennial Students Need to Re-Learn in the Present Educational Setting

Millennial students need to re-learn these top 5 things inorder for them to be good citizens in the near future.

Re-learn GMRC

Students nowadays we can them the millennial students are way too absorbed in the social media that they forgot MANNERS. Yes, in every school there is RHGP included in the curriculum but it is way too different. If students re-learn GMRC the way it was taught decades ago, I think millennial students will be the promising batch of the future.

Re-learn to speak fluent ENGLISH

If a student can speak the language, for sure he/she can read and write it. Millennial students lack the ability to speak fluently. Its’ as if the strict implementation of this in every schools is neglected.


If teachers can discipline the students without having to worry about certain laws, then out millennial students might be very straight ones. Long age, students’ are well disciplined so they grew to be the successful people. Discipline is the most important aspect that the millennial students should learn.

Re-learn Writing Long Notes with Utmost Patience

Millennial students are now very lazy when it comes to notes-taking. They rely on printed on-hand materials ready and available. Long Notes taking will taking train students on thinking, and most of all will exercise their hand. When time will come when those technologies can’t be used, they need to rely on their talent in writing.


Millennial Students should re-learn to commit themselves to studying. Nowadays, Students are corrupted by the world of social media. They forgot their long-term commitment to study for their future. – Alec | Helpline PH