Where Will Your Midyear Bonus Go?

Where Will Your Midyear Bonus Go? (Teacher’s Story)

Where will your midyear bonus go, fellow teachers? This year, we are all waiting for our midyear bonus 2024. Many of us are excited about this blessing. But where will it really go? Here are some stories from our teachers:

Gone in a Flash

When the midyear bonus arrives, it’s gone in just a few minutes. After that, it’s spent on groceries, household items, and family needs.


We can hold our bonus in our hands, but it only lasts a few days because of expenses.

Only in Dreams

Sometimes, we only see our bonus in our dreams. This usually happens when our ATMs are already pawned, and when the bonus comes, we only get the change.

Shared with Siblings

When the bonus arrives, we divide it among those who need it. It goes to children’s or siblings’ tuition fees, bills, and many other things.

Just for Paying Debts

This is what often happens to teachers. Many of us can relate to this situation.

Extra Savings

For teachers who are single and financially stable, they can save their bonus in the bank.

For Joining Networking Programs

It’s funny, but many teachers use their bonus to join networking programs. They wait for the bonus to pay for enrollment.

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Every teacher has a different story about their bonus. Each has unique needs. Despite all these, we are still grateful for this blessing. It gives us the strength to do our best for the students. The youth are our inspiration to serve well and wholeheartedly. In every moment, every drop of sweat we give is for everyone.