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Massive Food Preparations in DepEd Schools during Events is Undeniable and must be Abolished in 2023

Massive Food Preparations in DepEd Schools during Events is Undeniable and must be Abolished in 2023

If you are a teacher, you can relate the massive food preparations in DepEd schools during events. This is the trend in the society of teachers before and still at present. Do you think teachers love the idea of having to spend much on these gatherings? Of course not.

The idea of not spending money on gatherings like this is mutual yet teachers don’t have the voice. They can’t complain because their heads are initiating the idea of collection. If your school or district is not practicing this one then you are lucky. Most of us, we experience this already most of the time.

These massive food preparations in DepEd schools are already a culture. Massive food preparations in DepEd are everywhere: visitors coming, events and activities, gatherings. Name it and you have it. The truth is that the expenses are always shouldered by the teachers and there is no exemption in that.

It is undeniable that although these gatherings are important still, it is not proper. DepEd should abolish these kinds of food preparations. Instead, they should focus on the sole purpose of the event/activity.

It is natural for Filipinos to be hospitable to visitors. Yes, food preparations are okay provided that it should not be lavish. Simple snacks or meals are enough and the budget for that should also available in the district funds. Forget about massive food preparations in DepEd if teachers be the financers.

Massive food preparations in DepEd schools or district must change. Total abolition of the said trend should be fine in the next years to come. Teachers should not be the sole sponsors for big events and preparations like this. PSDS or heads of the schools should see to it that they are wise in spending the funds.

Massive food preparations in DepEd schools will be okay if and only if proper budget is available. Teachers shouldn’t shoulder these additional burdens for heaven’s sake. –  Alec | Helpline PH

4 thoughts on “Massive Food Preparations in DepEd Schools during Events is Undeniable and must be Abolished in 2023”

  1. even our superior will say to our dear parents zero collection,it will tantamount for teachers shoulder all expenses including decorations for a simple monthly meeting,including meetings of supervisors and school head.Teachers will spend amount for Division conference! Seeing baloons on their monthly meeting is not wise spending!

  2. pwes bilang na ang araw ng mga yan! NGPAPAIMPORTANTE yang mga yan……imagine 60k pattaaass swleldo pero kapag sila ang ngbibisita sa schools ay todo ang pgwelcome sa knila as if namn na hindi naggaling ang mga yan sa mga palad ng mga guro kaya sila nging literate at ngkatrabaho…baliktad diba daapt ang mga guro ang mga inaasikaso at binibigyan ng ganong pagwelcome! kc kung walang guro wala din sila! Pati presidente ng bansa ay wla din kapag wlang guro!

  3. Such nonsense! If any kind of government official wants to visit, let them provide the budget to feed or fete them. Why should the teachers shoulder this? Let your principal pay for it if she insists. Teachers should really put their foot down with this nonsense. Nowhere else in the world is this expected of teachers. In Canada , admin is duty bound to reimburse the teacher for as little as a as box of pencils. Teach the new generation to stop electing corrupt officials who will steal the money meant for your salaries and better equipment for your schools. Corrupt officials do not deserve the teachers goodwill.

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