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MAJOHA instead of GOMBURZA: New Generation of Students Embarrassing Teachers as they Neglected the Simplest Points in the Philippine History

MAJOHA instead of GOMBURZA: New Generation of Students Embarrassing Teachers as they Neglected the Simplest Points in the Philippine History

MAJOHA instead of GOMBURZA is a very famous term in the social media right now. It is very disappointing to know that our new generation of students failed to know our history. 

Majoha Issue

Photo: Pinoy Big Brother

The country’s TV reality game show Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) hosted a PBB Quiz Bee for its teen housemates lately. It turned out that these PBB teen housemates failed to answer the most common topics. 

One question is about the three priests executed by garrote. These teen housemates answered “MAJOHA” instead of GOMBURZA. This created a buzz online. Once again, they called the attention of the teachers on this matter.

Now, the reality is that no matter what the situation may be, it will always reflect on the teachers. It is normal that people will tap the attention of the teachers on this matter. To be more specific, History teachers in every school in the country.

It is very disappointing that our new generation of students seemed off. MAJOHA instead of GOMBURZA is so shocking and it is NOT and NEVER will be funny at all. With all due respect, the 90’s generation and beyond memorized these topics. 

I am a product of the old school myself and guess what? We memorized these simple topics in the Philippine history in the early grades. This was our lessons in elementary years. Our teachers before will not let us pass unless we memorized each important names in the history. It is as if it was our past time to study before.

And now? What happened to our new generation? They let their teachers felt embarrassed by this. Almost all the questions asked in the reality show were simple yet they all failed to answer it. Then now they will again blame this to teacher factor? 

Why MAJOHA instead of GOMBURZA for heavens’ sake? Where were these students when their teacher discussed this topic? I believe that this is the result of too much student pampering nowadays. Teachers don’t have the right to control the students that is why these major changes.

As the world is getting high in technology, the lesser it is for the students to interact and understand. They even don’t study in a serious manner anymore. I don’t believe that teachers are there to blame for this. Teachers teach and relay what is due to students. It is the role of the students to register what they learn at school in their system. 

Whatever happens, teachers must not be the culprit to blame for in this issue. They are doing their responsibilities only to know their students are not willing. In learning, both the teacher and students should give and take to understand. If only one side is working, nothing will happen.  – Clea | Helpline PH

2 thoughts on “MAJOHA instead of GOMBURZA: New Generation of Students Embarrassing Teachers as they Neglected the Simplest Points in the Philippine History”

  1. I strongly agree with the perception of this writer. Yes, we do not put all blames to our teachers who are mandated just to teach. As they say it takes two to Tango. However, we should likewise see the other side of the issue. Sometimes negligence also come in the level of the teacher. History they say is a boring subject. You have to memorize facts and figures. If you are not this person who is not good at memorizing names and figures it will be hard for a student to retain essential information. Therefore, appropriate pedagogical technique is recommended. Learner-centered classroom is the trend in the new educational landscape. We need to facilitate lessons now and doing this is not so easy. So, preparedness to coming to class such as reading your lesson for mastery is indispensable teacher-culture. A teacher should always expect the worst of the day. In doing so, he or she can provide immediate prevention or mitigation to make sure his or her class become more engaging. Upskilling, reskilling and cross skilling teachers nowadays make a big difference in the academe. Finally, we should also consider the content of the learning material we provide for the learners. There are times that flaws are found in the books they use. We also consider the writer in his approach to a certain historical issue or concern. Sometimes it’s partial and as a result the materials turns out to be bias and one side.

  2. It might be a disappoinment but it is not really an embarrassment if we take it positively. MAJOHA or MAJOJA might be the teens take of the first names of the three martyred priests, that is, MAriano Gomez, JOse Burgos and JAcinto Zamora. Gom-Bur-Za is a common acronym or term used to refer the said three priests. But it is also wrong to address them as such. It will be more correct if we address them in their full names. And it is the right time that our history books must be corrected on that note. If it is okay to use Gom-Bur-Za then it must also be okay to use Ma-Jo-Ja. But no three living persons in their right minds will be okay if we call them collectively in their names abbreviation.

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