Reasons Why Teachers Sometimes Don’t Follow Their Lesson Plans

Reasons Why Teachers Sometimes Don’t Follow Their Lesson Plans

A lesson plan is a part of a teacher’s system. It is a guide on what to do and what will happen in a certain lesson. Since the beginning of education, making a lesson plan before giving the lesson is practiced already. It is a vital point in all teachers here in our country or even abroad.

In public schools, all teachers are required to prepare their daily lesson plans now called Lesson Plans/ Daily Log Plans/ Daily Lesson Log/ iPlans in different subjects. The Lesson Plans are prepared ahead in preparation for the next topic for discussion, but at some point, there are teachers who cannot follow their prepared Lesson Plans, why is it so? To give us all enlightenment, I have here top reasons why some teachers cannot follow their Lesson Plan for that certain period of time.


Routinary works that we are used to do or make every day may sometimes change, like in the presentation of our lessons if there are routines that are altered or added abruptly causing teachers to make an adjustment to their Lesson Plans. It means that all you have written on your Lesson Plan will not be thoroughly followed because of some modifications or adjustment but it also doesn’t mean that you have to re-write your Lesson Plan. Be it and just go with the flow of your lesson, that’s it!


Some activities are unexpected (like unannounced fire/earthquake drill) causing a teacher not to follow certain Lesson Plans for that certain period. It means that the Lesson Plan will then be carried over to the next day re-writing or re-printing it but marking some important events to make sure that they have a track on what happened and why it wasn’t followed.


The unexpected arrival of guests (like in the case of visitors from the district or division that needs your appearance and sometimes the appearance of the students) that are also equally important to attend to and causing the lessons to be carried over to the next day.


Unexpected change of weather that needs immediate attention. In most cases, students are advised to go home if typhoons and other unwanted calamities occur. By then, you will need to carry over your lesson to the next day when the weather is all fine for all the students to properly go to school.


Teachers are also humans and are also prone to sickness causing them to have an emergency leave from their post. By the time a teacher unpredictably files a leave, then his/her lessons prepared also will then be carried over by the time he/she goes back to school. The most important thing is that he/she will re-write or re-print the Lesson Plan provided for that day and mark those that were not followed and carry it over the next meeting.

Well, here is then the limelight of this topic: “not following” the Lesson Plans doesn’t mean that a teacher didn’t write the Lesson Plan intended for that certain topic. It means that there are some adjustments made or some modifications are done to make the lesson become more interesting to the learners.  After all, a lesson plan/daily lesson plan/daily lesson log /iPlan is merely a teacher’s guide that is intended to be charted within a certain period. – Clea | Helpline PH