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Top 10 learning distractions of students this modular learning

Top 10 learning distractions of students this modular learning

Even before the break of Covid, learning distractions were already a problem. Students get distracted because of so many things that they tend to neglect school.

At present, this problem is at it’s peak especially with the kind of learning situation we have. The modular learning is an ultimate challenge for everyone.

Here are the Top 10 learning distractions of students this modular learning:

1. Internet and Social Media

The internet is a big help to everyone this crucial times yet, it also has a very big impact to the younger society. Today, it seems that everybody needed an internet connectivity all the time. No internet connection means boring days, hours, and minutes. The social media is one platform that is the result of the internet. It is also where the students most of the time do their online learning but with a twist. Students need to set boundaries in the usage of the social media since it is very tempting. One scroll on Facebook means a total waste for the rest of the time.

2. Mobile Games

Most mobile games are quick-downloads and most often can still be available offline. It very hard for students to focus on their modules rather than lose a rank in a game. Mobile Legends is one example for this. Almost all students male or female play ML to the extent of neglecting their modules. As a result, it will be the parents or siblings who will do the modules or projects.

3. Wattpad/E-books

Most female youngsters gets addicted to the corny stories in these E-books. Wattpad is the virtual version of the old novels in the past generations.

4. Family

Sometimes, family matters are distractions to the relay of learning to the students. Most concrete example is a family with different issues and problems. Students with this kind of family circle gets distracted most of the time.

5. Relationship

Do you realize that our youngsters today are into relationships early? Yes, this is true and they put more effort to their relationships more than school. Results of this is early parenthood and.

6. Friends

Good friends are good influence but irresponsible friends will distract one’s focus. During the pandemic, students find ways to gather with their friends often. They prefer the company of friends rather than doing modules.

7. Work

Some students need to work to help the family. In this case, they tend to forget that they need to study first.

8. Television

The pandemic made people go crazy because of boredom. Students with no internet connection can only watch television of their favorite shows. This sometimes result to abandonment of studies.

9. Travel

These past few days, many youngsters do travels with their friend a lot more than studying.

10. Laziness

Laziness is the greatest enemy students have to fight everyday in doing modules. When laziness strikes, all the plans will be a total waste. Distraction like laziness should be set aside at all cost.

These learning distractions can cause trouble if not avoided. Creating a work-school-life balance plan can help students stay focused. This will give way to parents to follow up their children most of the time to make sure they are doing great. After all, we still like to have face-to-face classes already. – Clea | Helpline PH