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Things that ignite the doubts of teachers in the many investment schemes

Things that ignite the doubts of teachers in the many investment schemes

Recently, teachers doubt the many investment schemes that are targeting them to join. Different groups of people or companies are trying to convince teachers. These companies have their own ways in getting the attention of their prospects. These investment schemes have climbed the online ladder to get more people. Common people, ordinary workers, office staffs or government employees are their target. These investment schemes are Multi-level Marketing (MLM) or networking in short.

Several teachers and even principals are already victims of these kinds of investment. These are the things that ignite the doubts of other teachers in these kinds of schemes:

1. Most of these are Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or in other words, networking, pyramiding. You need to get left and right pairing for you to earn. No people convinced means no earnings.

2. These companies/group of people use the social media to gain the attention. They post money/car/condo units and etc. on Facebook and other social media accounts to lure their target. If a person is curious and message “how” in the comment section, then that is the time they display their scheme.

3. Most of these companies claim that they have legal documents but they can’t provide it.

4. These companies will keep you hanging when you ask them about their company. Unless you commit to get a schedule for orientation from them, then they will tell you what they are.

5. These companies have their “weird” technique in convincing their targets. They let you attend their talks for at least 3 hours then right after they will pressure you. They will not stop asking you on what package to get for you to start-up. They won’t even give you time to think first on how you will be able to process everything.

6. These companies will claim that you are going to invest in your own business. The problem is that you need to convince more and lie to your friends for them to become your downlines.

7. Most coaches in these type of investments will tell teachers to avail a loan to produce the amount of money. Is this even cool? They will tell you that their business will help you and that this a rare opportunity but actually, it is all a lie.

8. The truth is that only those coaches in the upper level will benefit. They are the ones who become millionaire.

9. Some of these companies are legit because they have products. The truth is that their products are only front show. The business is actually getting people to join and scheming them to pool out their money.

10. These companies are everywhere with different names. They target teachers whose net pays are below the line.

If you are a teacher with a 6k net pay, don’t ever think of giving your cards on these investments. This will only make you suffer more. If you are not good in convincing other, don’t ever try these investment schemes. – Clea | Helpline PH