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INSET should be PRC accredited

INSET should be PRC accredited

CPD in the Philippines stands for Continuing Professional Development. It’s a program that makes sure people in professional jobs like doctors, teachers, and engineers keep learning and updating their skills. This is important because it helps these professionals stay good at their jobs and know the latest things in their field. The government has rules for how much learning these professionals need to do to keep their licenses.

The INSET provided by DepEd should be accredited by the PRC. A one-week INSET from DepEd is unproductive and a waste of time if it lacks PRC accreditation.”

Regarding the frequently asked questions about the renewal of Professional Identification Cards and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requirements as posted by PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) Region VII – Cebu on their Facebook page, it seems there are increasing CPD unit requirements each year from 2024 to 2027 and onwards. The concern about the cost and time commitment for CPD training/seminars is valid, especially for teachers who may have to miss work to attend these sessions if they are not included in the DepEd (Department of Education) Memorandum.

Teachers want the Department of Education to assist them by making their INSET (In-Service Training) PRC accredited, which is a practical request. INSET is most beneficial when teachers can both learn from the training and also earn CPD units, making it easier to renew their PRC licenses. It would help teachers earn the required CPD units without additional stress or financial burden, thereby facilitating the renewal of their PRC licenses. This approach could be a beneficial way to support professional development while respecting teachers’ time and financial constraints. – Avril | Helpline PH