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Teacher’s impressive services during the 2022 polls can never be compensated with money

Teacher’s impressive services during the 2022 polls can never be compensated with money

Teacher’s impressive services during the 2022 polls is tiring yet remarkable. Indeed, money can’t compensate the services our teachers rendered during those tenacious moments. The one-day 2022 election marks different events that somehow created fuss countrywide.

Teacher’s impressive services during the 2022 polls

During elections, the first people to render their remarkable services will be TEACHERS. What will happen to our country without them? The teacher’s impressive services during the election 2022 will always mark the history. It is also true that COMELEC will give an honorarium to all the teachers who volunteered. The honorarium itself can’t compensate the tiredness and stress brought by the election.

The 2022 election is one of the most aggressive elections in the history of the Philippines. We have seen the close fight of the political candidates months before the election. It intensified after the supporters can’t get enough of the partial results. 

Now, our teachers were the most affected people before and after elections. Want to know why? We see the teacher’s impressive services during the election 2022 through the following: 

Before the elections, our teachers prepared themselves by attending meetings and trainings.

This is very important since they will be the one to guide the voters and keep their votes casted in a smooth way. Teachers during these periods have to spend time away from their families to train.

Our teachers were the first people who left the house in the break of dawn only to prepare their precincts. 

They were the earliest birds during the election. They need to do this sacrifice in order to serve the country.

At times when the VCM machines gave up in the middle of the voting process, our teachers gets cursed and bashed. 

Why do people always put the blame on our teachers? Remember our teachers were there to only guide the process. They are not the technicians and in the first place, the machines were from the COMLEC. Shame on you for putting your blame on the innocent teachers who only did their jobs. 

After the elections when the last voter leaves the classroom precincts, teachers remain. 

Again they will be the last people to leave the rooms to ensure the completeness of the election. Some of them will have no sleep at all. They left home at dawn and they will return home at dawn again, others the morning of the next day already.

In other places, the lives of the teachers are in danger but still they serve without complain. 

It is a matter of life and death when opposing parties clash. Who would want to serve places like that except our brave teachers? What they are doing is never easy even before till the present time.

This is how teachers who rendered services during the elections do it. Teacher’s impressive services during the election 2022 will always soar high. We owe our teachers a simple “thank you” for their efforts and bravery. Thank you teachers for doing this for our homeland. – Clea | Helpline PH

9 thoughts on “Teacher’s impressive services during the 2022 polls can never be compensated with money”

  1. Renette F. Cadungog

    Thank you so much !
    Sometimes it hurts us when people would say ” May dayaan!” How come may dayaan e na ka write protect po kami lahat sa mga boto ng Ng mga tao. Kami po ay nag iingat . Lumalaban Hanggang matapos Ang lahat.
    Nagbabayad pa ho kami ng tax . Pero ok lang at least may ambag din kami.

  2. Evangeline R Abarracoso

    May honorarium nga po Ang mga teachers during elections but the proclamation of all winner candidates has done also, , ,but until now Hindi parin naibigay Ang mga honorarium namin so sad😭 katakot takot na biyahe Ang pinagdaanan namin dis oras ng Gabi maka transmit lang kami😭

    1. True po… hindi mabayaran ang pagod at pagpuluyat, nakatindig mula 5 am hanggang 7:30. Palagi pang nagloloko ang machine… ang bigat pa naman.

  3. Thank you for those who trust us, teachers, in rendering our service during every election. Actually it is tiresome and can never be compensated with money but its our call to serve for the betterment of our nation. Hoping that teachers will also be given attention and priority in the heart of our government.

  4. Ang sarap maghandog ng serbisyo para sa bayan,pero bakit pa mayrong tax ang honorarium ng teachers during eleksiyon kasi mula 4:30 am hanggang 6:30 am kami nagserbisyo hanggang sa matapos ang lahat.sana sa susunod wala nga tax ang honorarium ng teachers na galing sa comelec,kasi buhay ang binuwis namin. Maraming salamat sa mga nagtiwala sa aming mga guro .

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