How Cash Allowance Support Teachers in their Classroom Needs in 2023

How Cash Allowance Support Teachers in their Classroom Needs in 2023

The Cash Allowance represents a monetary provision allocated to teachers in the Philippines. It was then named “chalk allowance” but is later changed to cash allowance. Its purpose is to offset the financial outlays incurred by teachers. This and that of course including all teaching supplies whether tangible or intangible. All those that facilitates the implementation of classes. Classroom teachers are set to receive a P5,000 cash allowance.

Given the fact that the amount is little but somehow it helped a lot though. So, how does this cash allowance support teachers in their classroom needs? In this article we will give you the list of things this cash allowance aid teachers with.

1. Buy necessary things needed for the improvement of the classroom.

In 2023, DepEd encourages decluttering all things inside a classroom. Teachers are doing “operation baklas” in their classrooms. Teachers are to put away all charts and decors inside their classrooms. This cash allowance is sure to help teachers freshen up the face of their classrooms. Teachers will used the amount to buy paints and painting tools.

2. Most teachers opt to use whiteboard and marker instead of the traditional chalkboard.

The cash allowance will help teachers buy new whiteboards and markers needed. Teacher don’t use chalks anymore because chalks have a risk to the lungs and health.

3. Buy extra ceiling fans and electric fans for proper ventilation.

As we all know, the weather nowadays is changeable. Most of the time, it is too hot that students can no longer concentrate in the discussion.

4. Buy water dispensers and water bottles for the students.

The heat may cause heat stroke. Having water dispenser every classroom help quench the thirst of the students.

5. Buy all the necessary materials needed for a teacher to make her classroom ready

In conclusion, cash allowance is a one-time monetary aid for teachers. The truth is that amount is very little compared to the true expenses of teachers. Most teachers spend more than Php5,000 for the best classroom they have. The amount is only a “support” or aid for them to jump-start their school year. Yet, even with that you need to understand that teachers already spent their money early. It means before they receive cash allowance, they used their own money instead. – Avril | Helpline PH