Sometimes, I felt that GSIS is not helping their clients

Sometimes, I felt that GSIS is not helping their clients

Do you also have the same feeling when sometimes, I felt that GSIS is not helping their clients? (It’s kinda weird but sometimes, I have this feeling when I visited GSIS here in our place several times)

Like any other insurance company, GSIS is bound to help their clients from the youngest to the oldest. It is their responsibility to explain to all the government employees their processes. They should supposed to entertain all queries and problems of clients. All clients must have equal attention since everyone is a contributor.

Much to my expectations, I felt that GSIS is not helping their clients in equal sense. I have already heard rumors before I became a teacher about them but I hesitate to believe. Not until now, that I experience it myself.

Here are my observations that made me think that GSIS is not (really) helping their clients:

(Please take note that these observations are personal and it may vary from your place and mine)

1. They don’t have enough staff to accommodate all the people that will visit their office.

There should be a staff to cater only the senior pensioners alone. They should separate the pensioners from the active members to avoid delay of time. They must also think that we teachers came from different localities and we travel early.

2. Not all staff are approachable.

I saw a pensioner asking about his pension once and the staff was mean to him. It may be because the client is old already that the staff got irritated. Regardless of the situation, they must maintain a wholesome attitude towards the elderly.

3. They don’t explain much further the details in the different loan services they offer.

Several times I asked about a certain loan service but to my dismay I can’t seem to grasp the explanation. They will answer you query but they won’t explain further.

4. Most of the time they can’t answer huge problems and they will only say only the regional office can explain it.

Yes, most of the time they will endorse you to the regional office since they can’t explain it themselves. Like hey, how come you work in this institution but can’t answer our problems in your own discretion?

5. Visiting their office is time consuming and not budget friendly.

100% true set-up as always. Many times I visited their office early and I can go out after 4 hours waiting in queue. Imagine if you have limited time and you will waste it waiting in their office. Aside from that, you will spend fare for this appointment only to find out you will return again the next day.

6. They will not give their contributors any memo or reminder.

Concrete example is my emergency loan which I availed when I was still in my previous workplace. When I transferred DepEd, my deductions stopped. Back then I was not aware of the consequences. When I checked my account several years later, they told me that my interest went triple. Imagine I am now paying the interest for 6 years and my principal amount was only 30k back then. That is why today, I prefer not to avail of any loans from GSIS because of these reasons.

I have observed these all for the past 8 years of being a teacher. If only we have the option to select which insurance company to go but no. I hope that there will be immediate change in their system soonest. They must be pro-members because they are nothing without us. It is as if instead of helping their members, they are adding up the burden. – Alec | Helpline PH