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Sometimes, I felt that GSIS is not helping their clients

Sometimes, I felt that GSIS is not helping their clients

Do you also have the same feeling when sometimes, I felt that GSIS is not helping their clients? (It’s kinda weird but sometimes, I have this feeling when I visited GSIS here in our place several times)

Like any other insurance company, GSIS is bound to help their clients from the youngest to the oldest. It is their responsibility to explain to all the government employees their processes. They should supposed to entertain all queries and problems of clients. All clients must have equal attention since everyone is a contributor.

Much to my expectations, I felt that GSIS is not helping their clients in equal sense. I have already heard rumors before I became a teacher about them but I hesitate to believe. Not until now, that I experience it myself.

Here are my observations that made me think that GSIS is not (really) helping their clients:

(Please take note that these observations are personal and it may vary from your place and mine)

1. They don’t have enough staff to accommodate all the people that will visit their office. 

There should be a staff to cater only the senior pensioners alone. They should separate the pensioners from the active members to avoid delay of time. They must also think that we teachers came from different localities and we travel early.

2. Not all staff are approachable.

I saw a pensioner asking about his pension once and the staff was mean to him. It may be because the client is old already that the staff got irritated. Regardless of the situation, they must maintain a wholesome attitude towards the elderly.

3. They don’t explain much further the details in the different loan services they offer.

Several times I asked about a certain loan service but to my dismay I can’t seem to grasp the explanation. They will answer you query but they won’t explain further.

4. Most of the time they can’t answer huge problems and they will only say only the regional office can explain it.

Yes, most of the time they will endorse you to the regional office since they can’t explain it themselves. Like hey, how come you work in this institution but can’t answer our problems in your own discretion?

5. Visiting their office is time consuming and not budget friendly.

100% true set-up as always. Many times I visited their office early and I can go out after 4 hours waiting in queue. Imagine if you have limited time and you will waste it waiting in their office. Aside from that, you will spend fare for this appointment only to find out you will return again the next day.

6. They will not give their contributors any memo or reminder.

Concrete example is my emergency loan which I availed when I was still in my previous workplace. When I transferred DepEd, my deductions stopped. Back then I was not aware of the consequences. When I checked my account several years later, they told me that my interest went triple. Imagine I am now paying the interest for 6 years and my principal amount was only 30k back then. That is why today, I prefer not to avail of any loans from GSIS because of these reasons. 

I have observed these all for the past 8 years of being a teacher. If only we have the option to select which insurance company to go but no. I hope that there will be immediate change in their system soonest. They must be pro-members because they are nothing without us. It is as if instead of helping their members, they are adding up the burden. – Alec | Helpline PH

21 thoughts on “Sometimes, I felt that GSIS is not helping their clients”

  1. Their tag line” kahit saan, kahit kailan maaasahan,” Ay hindi naramdaman ng lahat ng miyembro. Walang serbisyo ang gsis na maganda at nakatulong sa empleyado even sa mga retirees. Masyadong stressful ang ahensyang ito.

    1. Para sa akin Hindi lang po Ang GSIS Ang may problema. Problema ng ating Division pagdating sa remittances natin, monthly binabawasan tayo pero pagdating sa GSIS Ang remittances ng Division natin ay 50% lang meaning sa isang taon only 6 months lang Ang remittances nila. Please refer to egsismo. Sana mabigyan pansin ito as soon as possible.

    2. Maliban sa tagline na ito meron pang isa. ” Mamamayan na muna bago mamaya na” ito po ay mali dhl gnito ang dpt, ” Mamaya na muna bago mamamayan”. Tulad go hamd carry ko mga documents/ requirement papers for my retiremrnt claims to the GSIS last week of Nov. 2021. Sabi nila 3 weeks after akong mgfallow up. I often call on the contact no.they gave me. Never silang sumagot kya personal akong pumunta sa opisina ng GSIS ngunit sa mrming beses akong mgfafslo ap wlng ibang isasagot kundi on the process. Gnito na ba sistema ng GSIS. C ontributor nmn ako at alam ko hwk nila ang desisyon at pera ngunit bkt pinapahirapan ang claimants. Dming gastos sa pmsahe sa kababalik sa pgfalo ap. Dpt sila rin mgbigay ng surcharges sa members dhl kpg nglon hnd maalis alis ang surcharges at arrears kht merong monthly deduction of payments encountered sa payslip.Sna ito ang pgtuunan ng pansin ng qting pangulo ang bulok na sistema ng Gsis.

  2. Ako nga po naaksidente from my station after work goin home,walang inabot, d ko na po nilakad kasi andami requirements,and Bali po 2 legs ko,Kya nangutang po me sa private bank,Yung bank employees pa po pumunta sa bahay nmin.GSIS doesn’t really care for their members.

  3. Pati po ang ating Ahensya di nagreremit ng deductions natin monthly deductions ko sa GSIS at PhilAm nag GWAPS ako di på rin update ang remittance di pa remitted lahat taz tayo ang me kasalanan na member nagbabayad ng mgå arrears…pati PhilAm ko apektado dahil no remittance ang Ahensya o sa Region daw.. Kaya tanong ko San napupunta ang buwan buwan na deductions så payslip?🤔🤔🤔 SANA PO mabigyan pansin ito sa Deped…😒

  4. It has been their practice of NOT notifying you whether you have already accumulated interest fron loans which they did not deduct from you on time. You will merely accept the pathetic situation you are somewhat naScam. Dapat matagal nang tapos amg loan kung regular ang deduction.. What is worse eh yung wala ka naman talaga loan pero magugulat ka na may loan ka pala. Kaway kaway naman ang mga nakakaRelate.

    1. Gsis? Grabe kung Maka arrears.. I thought para Sila sa teachers since government office Sila at may monthly contribute… Sana e abolish nalang ito.. mas mabuti pa cgro Ang sss kesa dito..parang Yung mkukuha Namin sa someday parang ipangbabayad lang Namin na utang Namin sa kanina… Yung kahit Hindi ka mag loan mag kaka loan ka

  5. Embes na matapos Ang loan, mag loan ulit para pambayad sa kanila. Dahil daw late remittance Ang Deped. Kaya balik loan ako para pambayad sa kanila

    1. For me, yong inefficiency to cater clients ay dahil sa kulang nga tao o man power sila. So, cguro dapat may marami silang competent staff and well oriented what to do at work, o kaya naman mag dagdag nga satelite office. Nahihirapan sila mag cater dahil sa lawak ng kanilang e cater, imagine all government employees, dagdag pa retirees, etc. so many to serve yet few employees. Dagdagan ang satelite office talaga at e improve ang internet connection ng opisina. Kasi minsan dahil daw sa hina o walang signal kaya hindi ma address ang problema.

  6. Sana mayroon tayong sariling insurance system for deped employee just like uniform personnel na tutok sa atin kasi sa GSIS parang nagisa tayo sa sariling mantika. Mantakin mong tayo ang nagcontribute pag na delay ang remittance may arrears agad sa ating mga loan. Tpos di maganda services nila at saka sahod ng empleyado nila sobrang taas ng sahod kumpara sa mga contributor. Sana magkaroon ng batas na separate na taga deped sa GSIS para matamasa natin ang kagaya ng sa AFPSLAI.

  7. Not only sometimes, but also oftentimes, and possibly all the time! I experienced this yesterday when I went to the main office. It took me four (4) hours to transact inquiry about my COVID case. And malamang pag uwi ko mahawa na ulit. The sad thing is that, their ECC support system is irreversibly BAD. For 11 days hospitalization w/ severe case, they only pay P2,200 wow. (Processing time online was from October 2021-February 2022). If I know such amount, I would not have come to their office to claim since if in case you will be infected again, such amount is not even enough to buy you medicines for common cold & flu. Bulok na ang agency na to.

  8. GSIS is the worst and corrupt insurance company of the Government..their slogan is Ginhawa for all speak for themselves only ang perwisyo for all the members…their making money from the contribution of all the members… I you are going to loan rest assured they will not deduct properly so that they can collect you arrears so that time will come they have more money to collect and have big bonuses… I hope goverment will see this problem especially in gsis general santos..

  9. Kaya Ang armed forces umalis sa gsis matagal na… Dahil sa bulok na Sistema nila and set up their own welfare system…biktima rin ako ng delayed remittances Kasi I just found out may arrears din gfal loan ko…haizzz ..kaya mga teachers marami nag loan sa private banks to buy out gsis loan kc maliban sa laki ng arrears nila, para ka pang kawawa habang nag follow up sa office nila. If only DepEd will just set up our very own welfare system kagaya ng military…

  10. Same agony here..Maxadong burden ang compounded interest na hindi nila maipaliwanag sa client nila ng maayos..Magbibigay ng SOA na may malaking kaibahan sa egsismo at GSIS touch na data..Maraming hidden charges and interest lalo ma sa GFAL and other loans..Maxadong malaki ang nilaki ng balance ko sa GFAL sa ibinigay nila na SOA kaysa sa data sa GSIS touch..Hays..GSIS is a hell..

  11. Sana mabigyan ng pansin ni President Duterte ang sistema ng GSIS kasi mas lalong nalulugmok sa utang ang mga guro kaysa sa guminhawa..Mabuti sana at makarating sa ating pangulo ang mga hinaing mg mga guro..

  12. Sana hindi compulsory ang cotribution natin sa GSIS! na kahit mga contractual like SHS teacher nka deduct na agad ang gsis sa kanilang payslip. What if after 5 years hindi nkapasa sa LET ang mga contractual at matanggal sila sa trabaho, hindi na ma continue ang contibution nila sa GSIS, paano ngayon nla ma eenjoy ang benepisyo kuno ng gsis? Pwede bang kunin ng trabahante ang kanilang na contribute sa GSIS for 5 years?

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