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Elements of a Good DepEd High School Campus

Elements of a Good DepEd High School Campus

A good DepEd High School campus should be a venue for good education and a home for all types of learners. It should be conducive to learning at all times. The physical, emotional and spiritual aspects should be clear to everyone.

So, what are the elements that we should keep in mind for a good DepEd High School campus?

  • The school should be safe and far from physical dangers. The premises should be well-gated to ensure the safety of the students. In this way, the parents and teachers should not worry about the welfare of their students.
  • The school should have at least two (2) or more security guards. This is very important so that the teachers will be at ease when students are not around. Sometimes students will cut classes and the teachers can’t oversee dangers coming.
  • School premises should be conducive to learning and free from loud noise.
    The noises from the outside community will hinder the relay of the lessons to the students.
  • The teachers and school staff should be professionals and act like professionals.
    We all know that all teachers are all professionals by the diploma they have. Yet, professionalism is innate and it will come out when an individual knows the value of his/her job. This means that teachers should be professional in ways they show to the community.
  • The parents are cooperative and supportive to the needs of their students.
    In very school, the stakeholders should always support what’s good for the learners. This is the very main function of the PTAs.
  • The principal is the pillar where everybody leans on.
    The head of the school should be the authority that is fair to everyone. Without a good principal, the school will fall apart.

If these elements are present in your school, then you have a good DepEd High School campus. Other than anything, all schools are for the betterment of the students and nothing more. – Clea | Helpline PH