The different feeling of Christmas the pandemic brought to the teachers and learners

The different feeling of Christmas the pandemic brought to the teachers and learners

Each of us has our own feeling of Christmas that will keep on getting through us every year during December. In every public schools the spirit and feeling of Christmas in every learner is evident. The joy that this holiday brings to the faces of the teachers and learners is priceless. Every December, the public schools will hold Christmas parties for the students. Teachers become the Santa Clauses most of the time but they find happiness in doing so for the students. Then, in 2020, COVID changed everything and vanished the smiles on the faces of the learners.

Now, it will be months before December and the feeling of Christmas is somehow changed as well. The lockdowns and the quarantines hinder the people from celebrating the Christmas holiday. The feeling of Christmas in the public schools will never be the same again.

The people at present are facing economic struggles. It is difficult for the people to bring back the old happiness before the pandemic. It is the same with the public schools, the teachers and the students. The learners will never experience the joy of gatherings during Christmas. They won’t experience the same feeling that they had before the pandemic.

Celebrating the Christmas season is different when it is with friends and classmates. This year, it will be the second year of celebrating the holiday season with the family only. The pandemic is cruel, and the people are suffering in silence.

By next year, we will pray that this pandemic will stop. We will hope that we can go back to the normal gatherings we had before. We will hope to bring back the smiles on the faces of our teachers and students and all people. – Clea | Helpline PH