Fearless Teachers Crushed the Evil Plans for the 2022 Polls

Fearless Teachers Crushed the Evil Plans for the 2022 Polls

The fearless teachers in Cotabato detected the Comelec-uncovered BARMM’s cooking plan for the 2022 elections. Comelec-trained teachers are now protesting in front of Comelec-Cotabato City for allegedly being replaced with new and untrained teaching staff to handle the vote-counting machines for BARMM, according to Cotabato City Mayor Cynthia Guiani-Sayadi, who spoke on state-run radio station Radyo Pilipinas on Thursday.

She claims she has filed proper election crime charges with the Comelec against the BARMM Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education. “I hope the Comelec will resolve this issue kundi magkakagulo dito”. Kahit mga ministro sila dyan kahit mga MILF sila, ang karapatan ng bawat Cotabato sagrado so poprotektahan din namin ‘yon,”she remarked. The story will continue.

Based on teachers’ chat conversations that “

Teacher 1-Nawala ang names namin na nag train sa Comelec. Ibang teachers nilagay nila yung mga hindi nag train.

Teacher 2-replied,“Omg Paano yan”, Shucks kailangan ma raise mo yan” May niluluto ang comelec BARMM”, 

Teacher 1- replied, Can I raise this? 

Teacher 2- replied- Sure! kasi totoo naman!

We owe our gratitude to Cotabato City’s brave and fearless teachers. They are not going to be oppressed. These fearless teachers have received extensive electoral training. They are prepared to accept their positions on Election Day. Oh my goodness! They were abruptly replaced with unskilled persons selected by BARMM officials. The ones that have been replaced are almost certainly untrained. Why is that? Here’s how it goes:

Robredo says Mindanao to ‘deliver winning votes’ for her as in 2016- Published February 22, 2022, 1:58 PM by Raymund Antonio. Iligan City- Vice President Leni Robredo that Mindanao is a stronghold of his rival, former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., and remains confident the region will deliver for her rival as it did in 2016.

“I’ll be upfront about it,” she said on the sidelines of her campaign event in Rizal Park. “Pag tiningnan natin results noong 2016, Malaki opportunities for us dito sa Mindanao (If we look at the results in 2016, we have tremendous prospects here in Mindanao).”

She claimed in 2016 that the region came to her even though she had no prior ties to the communities. Robredo told us that her engagements with the Mindanao people have been “extremely consistent” in the six years since she was elected vice president.

Many people have said that Robredo’s team felt confident in winning the poll in Mindanao because the Comelec-BARMM had rigged the election once again. In all precincts, the result for her political opponent, BBM, will be zero, as it was in the 2016 elections. Who can forget what happened during the 2016 elections in Lamitan Basilan?

Marcos’ opponent will once again steal the votes of the people of Mindanao. Even if Leni Robredo’s campaign requested a recount and the Comelec determined there was no cheating in the 2016 elections, which does not mean there was no cheating in the past.

During the elections, teachers’ lives are at danger. They put themselves in perilous situations to help our country. As a result, we must protect our educators from danger. Because what teachers go through during elections is not fun, the honorarium for teachers who serve in elections should be enhanced. Let us commend them for their courage in the face of adversity throughout their electoral duties.

Our fearless teachers are our heroes, ensuring the success of the national elections. We know that the people who serve on the electoral board are primarily public school teachers. Not everyone is qualified to serve on electoral boards in elections. Therefore, we must respect teachers who maneuver the elections Furthermore, these fearless teachers may be relied on at all times. They will not go home until the election is over, regardless of what occurs. – Doki | Helpline PH