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Is it really necessary to have Faculty Room in every public school?

Is it really necessary to have Faculty Room in every public school?

Is it necessary to have faculty rooms in every public school? The answer is both YES and NO. 

Why YES?

Many public schools in the country have a huge population of students. In cases like this, it is necessary to have a faculty room where teachers can stay during their vacant hours. This is where they do their lessons and prepare for new ones. Students by section will occupy the rooms intended for them. The teachers will stay in their respective faculty rooms by fields of specializations. The faculty rooms will serve as their meeting place and relaxation place also.

While faculty rooms are vital to the teachers, there are some disadvantages of it as well. Most schools with faculty rooms have factions inside the campus. Since teachers are human beings, it is innate that they have different characteristics. In every group, there is that someone who brings chaos and commotion all the time. This is also present in every group of teachers. This is where the NO option will come out.

Why NO?

Although it is necessary to have faculty rooms in every public school, it may be better to stay alone. As I have mentioned above, having faculty rooms will create factions and divisions. Teachers with different personalities may collide with each other. One story relayed will have another meaning. Negative vibes will  erupt and back fighting among teachers will always be present. A school will never have unity when this happens.

In conclusion…

It is necessary to have faculty rooms in every public school but it depends on the situation of the school. It will be the school principal, the highest authority to weight everything. If the school is big enough and have enough classrooms then it is preferable to have an assigned room. Each teacher will have his/her assigned classroom to maintain. It is also where his/her advisory also stays. It is better than having unwanted factions and commotions inside the school. – Clea | Helpline pH

3 thoughts on “Is it really necessary to have Faculty Room in every public school?”

  1. Maria Victoria R. De Leon

    Teaching in a public school for almost 30 years now , i can say that having a faculty room is very important for the teachers to stay and meet each other. Where they can convene about their struggles and share good practices to help improve handling their classes. Factions/disagreements can happen with or without a faculty room. It is always up to the administrator to manage if conflict arises.

  2. Yes, it is needed also for the public school teachers especially for those teachers who taught all the subjects and are occupying the same room. One assign in the morning and the other in the afternoon. If they have their faculty rooom each of them can stay after his/her session and do teaching work and at the same time they can rest after each lesson taught to children.

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