Riveting evolution of public schools in the past three decades

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Riveting evolution of public schools in the past three decades

I am a teacher by profession and I am on the brink of thinking about the evolution of public schools then and now. I remembered myself thirty years ago when I was also a student in the public school. Life is very different then. If I go back to my old school in elementary, the buildings are still there standing too told but repainted and re-occupied by different batches. The positions of the buildings are same but the history differs from one generation.

My article today will talk about the interesting facts about the public schools. We will tackle the riveting evolution of the public schools in the past three decades. How are the present public schools different from the past?

Thirty years ago…

1. Students and teachers walk their way to school and vice versa. They don’t have any transportation so they walk from their homes to the nearest public school. Back then, it was fun to walk side by side with other students on our slippers and heavy backpacks.

2. Students go to school even without “baon” for recess. One piece of stewed banana was okay.

3. Students were fluent in speaking English. The teachers were very strict and made sure all students can read.

4. Students were very polite and they respected their teachers without bias. They cared for their teachers like their second parents.

5. Students feared to fail. They aim for higher grades.

6. The educational system was not complicated. Teachers focused on teaching only.

7. There were no gadgets so students play during break. They socialized and exercised.

8. Life is fun back then. School is super enjoyable and childhood is a good memory for growth.

9. Students are conservative and only had crushes.


1. You can no longer see students walking side by side because most of them have vehicles already. Then, in return the parents will fetch their students after class. Other students have to ride their way to school through buses, jeeps, or tricycle.

2. Students will not go to school if there is no money or “baon”. Parents will have to prepare ample amount to give their students.

3. Students have difficulty in expressing themselves because they can’t speak English very well. They progress to high school even if they are slow readers.

4. Only few students do care and respect their teachers in a true manner. Most of them, they care only for their grades. Politeness is gone and students don’t care at all. (not true to all but it’s certain in most schools

5. Students are not afraid to fail.

6. Teachers are way busier and can’t focus on teaching alone. Reports and forms are everywhere.

7. Students can’t be apart from their cellphones. They lack exercise because they only love their gadgets all day long.

8. I don’t expect students to enjoy school since most of them always complain. They only enjoy being with their peers and doing unnecessary fun not related to studies.

9. Students now are much entwined with having relationships early. There are also cases of early parenthood today because of social media.

Well then, these are only the most visible evolution of the public schools in the past three decades. Then evolution comes with constant change of course. The years that passed are part of growing up as well. There is nothing constant in this world but change. As a teacher who saw the evolution, I can only set my standards to teaching my students the best I can. Giving them examples and share the essence of life. There is much more to learn and the only thing so we can move forward is to accept these changes. – Clea | Helpline PH