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An Honest and Bold Opinion on DO No. 021 s. 2023 of DepEd

An Honest and Bold Opinion on DO No. 021 s. 2023 of DepEd

DO No. 021 s. 2023 of DepEd may be very famous on the internet nowadays. While most teachers are happy to fulfill this, there are also some that were only forced to do it. This is an order for teachers to put away all the unnecessary decorations and posts on the classrooms. The VP herself said it on her interviews that the rooms should be free from clutter.

In the previous tears, DepEd encouraged teachers to beautify their classrooms. Teachers as we are, we follow what the upper heads without any hesitations. Teachers did everything even used their own pockets to make their classrooms presentable. Then, fast forward to 2023, here comes DO No. 021 s. 2023 of DepEd.

So, at present during the Brigada Eskwela teachers remove everything on the walls. The question is, will this go on for all the years to come or not? As we all know, DepEd keeps on changing depending on the head. So, there is a big possibility that decors removed today will become a MUST in the next years to come.

DO No. 021 s. 2023 is actually nice for teachers like me who are minimalist. To be honest, my opinion on this DepEd order is different. Students in the kindergarten and elementary have different levels of learning. I agree with the order to install tin he secondary and the tertiary education. High school students don’t care anymore what you paste on the walls. Yet, elementary and kindergarten pupils differ.

I still remembered myself way back elementary about the decorations on the walls. It made me more imaginative because of the great pictures and colors. It helped me a lot in my reading as well. So, I think students in the elementary and kinder needed these aids on the walls.

DO No. 021 s. 2023 may have been a good idea to make changes with the learning situation in the country. Yet, they can’t deny its importance to the development of the thinking skills of the students. This is my observation as one of the teachers in the public schools.

Mybe DepEd has another plan on this matter since they think that this will be for the better. Well, only time can tell on how well the students will react to this situation. This is a thrilling phase in the coming days as students will be back again for the opening of classes. – Avril | Helpline PH