Different types of teachers in the public schools

Different types of teachers

A lot of us will somehow think to ourselves what lives do teachers live inside the premises of the school? Are they also having troubles among themselves inside their campus? Are all teachers good or are there also bad teachers?

These questions will pop into our minds sometimes because some are curious. Here are the different types of teachers you will see in the public schools.

1. Cool Teachers

These are those teachers who are in a way “go-with-the-flow” people. They are the ones who are always in the middle. They will not give a damn about an issue. They let the days pass doing their own thing as teachers and nothing else. They are usually cool in their style of teaching.

2. Strict Teachers

These teachers have standards inside and outside the classroom. They are strict and organized but they are also difficult to deal with sometimes. They focus on their commitments and their goals that they don’t want distractions. You don’t want to prank these kinds of teachers do you?

3. Friendly Teachers

These teachers are always smiling both outside and inside the campus. They tend to know all the people around the community. They know who is who and they are friends with everyone. Students love these kinds of teachers.

4. Modern Teachers

These teachers are the sons and daughters of technology and advancement. They are those who act and look like the modern day models. They dress themselves in connection with the latest trends. They actually sometimes forget the dress code for teachers but they are a lot of help during big events.

5. Traditional Teachers

These teachers tend to stick in their own norms like glue. They always compare “their time” with the new trends. They are the old age of the school. They are those who have high positions and they tend to make the rules inside the campus.

6. Talkative Teachers

These teachers are those who like talking a lot. They don’t seem to mind the time they consume for talking. They always like to share different stories and sometimes are the cause of some troubles. They are the source of all the news inside and outside the campus. Although they are talkative, they are useful during big activities.

7. Weird Teachers

These teachers do not fall into the mentioned kinds above so they fall in this last kind. They are those we can’t understand and they tend to have their own world other than teaching. Though at times they are very efficient in teaching their subjects. Weird because sometimes they are those who don’t want to go along with all other teachers. Rest assured that they are still great teachers in handling their lessons.

In general, teachers are normal people like us living in the community we are at present. The only difference is that teachers need to be tough in front of their students. Inside the campus, they are teachers but outside the premises they are normal people like us. – Clea | helpline PH