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Honest Comparison: DepEd Teachers are like real-life super-human Darna

Honest Comparison: DepEd Teachers are like real-life super-human Darna

How well did you know our DepEd teachers? As for me, I know that they are like super-human Darna in the television series. This is a comparison fit to have when we are talking about superheroes.

Our DepEd teachers are simple people like us yet they do super-human work which not all can do. I may sound funny but this is the real score and real scenario when it comes to our teachers at present.

So here are my comparisons…

If Darna has super-human strength, our DepEd teachers also have it. In fact, our teachers can split their schedules for their work in the school and in their personal lives. They can manage their time without risking any other job asked from them. Not all can do that. Only our teachers have the ability to shift from being in a work mode to a family person mode.

Our DepEd teachers are not only teachers. Like Darna who has two sides of her personality as a commoner and a superhero. Our teachers can shift from being a teacher, mother, doctor, adviser, nurse, sister and many more. In the classroom and even at home our teachers are very versatile when the situation needs it.

Darna has superpowers yet she can’t let her feeling overpower her. Our DepEd teachers do the same. They are teachers which means they have to be strong all the times. Their students look up to them and trust in them. There is no room for weakness in situations like this.

Darna helps everybody but her enemies keep on doubling as well trying to overpower her. Our DepEd teachers are the same. They do everything for their students yet a little mistake can be a source of downfall for them. They are the talk of the town and enemies are trying to rip them with their profession. It is as if teachers don’t have the right to be happy and all eyes are on them.

Darna helps the people she loves and she cared for everybody yet one mistake can lead to her downfall. Same with DepEd teachers. They teach students whole day and do their hob but one mistake can lead them to be the center of attraction. Like what happen to teachers who liked to dance on TikTok, they received bashings.

Now, there are many more traits that Darna and our DepEd teachers have in common. Let us all remember that Darna is a human with superhero strength. Our teachers as well are humans with no power like Darna but they have the ability to change lives of our students. They are the real-life Darna in this modern generation.Avril | Helpline PH