Top 10 reasons why contract is a must for teachers teaching in the private schools

Top 10 reasons why contract is a must for teachers teaching in the private schools

Do teachers hired in the private schools need a contract? You may have wondered why some private school teachers find it hard to cut the tie that binds them. Every time DepEd hired them, it is very difficult for them to go. On my observations from my friends’ experiences, a contract is a must in the private schools. Here are the top 10 reasons why a contract is a must for them:

1. Private schools need assurance that their teachers will not left them hanging.

Most private schools hire young teachers even when they are still not licensed. In this case, these teachers make these schools their training ground. By the time they pass the LET and DepEd hires them, they will leave the private. To have an assurance that teachers will not left in the middle of the school year, thus contract signing is a must.

2. A contract is the legal paper that teachers need to follow or else, consequences may appear.

Contracts are legal documents that need a notarization from a lawyer. If the teacher neglect to follow the terms and conditions in then awaits consequence.

3. All that a teacher needs to know about his/her employment is in the contract.

A teacher can find all the terms and conditions on his/her contract including the salary amount.

4. An employment with a contract is valid.

Since a contract needs notarization, it is valid. A teacher who can’t follow her terms will have consequences provided in the contract.

5. Schools who don’t have previous contracts found out that their teachers come and go.

In the previous years, private schools did not have big issues about contracts. Then comes a time when they observe that their teachers come and go.

6. Contracts ease the burden of the private schools when it comes to hiring.

It is difficult to hire teachers in the middle of the school year. Contract signing eases its burden.

7. This is the only way private schools can hold their good teachers.

Contracts bind the teachers to their schools. Teachers must pay an amount if he/she neglect to finish the contract.

8. Difficulty in finding new teachers to fill-in the vacancies left by previous teachers.

More vacancies will be left behind if teachers come and go. It will be hard for the school to fill-in the lack.

9. To avoid AWOL.

Some teachers go on AWOL (Absence without official leave) because DepEd hire them. This is very wrong and worrying to the school where he/she left.

10. To maintain balance between the number of students versus the number of faculty.

A teacher should not left her students in the middle. A contract is the key that ensures the students will still have teachers all throughout the SY.

I have seen these problems in hiring before I became a public school teacher myself. When DepEd calls teachers for hiring, it is difficult to detach from the previous school. The loss of one teacher means a lot to every individual school. By all means, contract signing is the only way to ease the burden in the private schools. – Clea | Helpline PH