A Brilliant Scheme: Career Progression is the Hope for Teachers

A Brilliant Scheme: Career Progression is the Hope for Teachers

The public school career progression scheme encourages teachers to be effective teachers. Teachers now have the chance to land the position of their dreams. They keep going to school to move up in their careers and get the position they’ve been trying to get.

A few days before the end of the Duterte administration, Malacaṅang issued Executive Order (EO) No.174, which established an expanded career development system for public school teachers.

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea signed EO 174 by the authority of President Duterte on June 23, 2022. In his EO, he talked about and updated the public school teachers’ career progression system to give them more chances for professional growth and career advancement.

The President also said that by expanding the Career Development System, teachers will stay motivated to give their students a quality education.

The newly established system aims to promote professional development and career advancement among public school teachers and define their career lines within the public school system, particularly at the elementary and secondary levels, including senior high school.

  • Teacher I
  • Teacher II
  • Teacher III
  • Teacher IV
  • Teacher V
  • Teacher VI
  • Teacher VII

Under the expanded System, the classes in the Classroom Teaching Career Line are as follows:

  • Master Teacher I
  • Master II
  • Master III
  • Master IV
  • Master Teacher V

Meanwhile, the classes in the School Administration Career Line are as follows:

  • School Principal I
  • School Principal II
  • School Principal III
  • School Principal IV

Advancement to the positions of Master Teacher I and School Principal I requires the attainment of the minimum qualifications set by the Civil Service Commission (CSC). If you want to become a Master Teacher, you need to be as good at teaching as Career Stage III (Highly Proficient) of the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers.

On the other hand, those seeking advancement in school principal I must also meet the desired skill level for school leaders as defined in the Philippine Profession Standards for School Heads. They must also pass the school head assessment conducted by the Department of Education (DepEd). 

Accordingly, incumbents in the following positions may be promoted or reclassified to such school principal positions:

  • Assistant School Principal I
  • Assistant School Principal II
  • Assistant School Principal III

A master teacher I may also be classified as a school principal position when promoted within the School Administration group. If a teacher wants to be promoted to Master Teacher II, he or she will stay at the top of the Classroom Teaching Career Line.

Conversely, for those opting for a career as a school principal I, teachers will continue on the School Administration Career Line. Despite this, teachers will be allowed to switch career lines if they meet the qualifications and abilities for another position. 

With the help of this career progression plan, teachers are urged to work hard and be passionate about what they do. For all teachers who are eager to advance in their careers, career progression is a huge benefit. Teachers’ wish is that the higher persons in DEPED who are responsible for the ranking for the higher positions should have clear guidelines and criteria that are used to rate the applicants.

Consequently, choosing teachers for promotions to higher positions should also be fair. The saying goes, whoever is near to the heart will be promoted. Bias is already pervasive in the Department of Education. If this kind of practice is still in place, the career progression plan is ineffective. – Doki | Helpline PH