Top 10 brilliant teacher hacks to avoid loss of important computer files

Top 10 brilliant teacher hacks to avoid loss of important computer files

There are brilliant teacher hacks that are very legit and helpful nowadays. Teachers by nature are one of the busiest professionals. Their profession entails more paperwork and documents. Even before the reign of computers, teachers have bulk of files for compilation. Nowadays, teachers gather their files and save it on their computers/desktop/laptop. Some even save their drafts and documents on their android devices. This is so cool and very efficient and user friendly as well. The convenience of using computers is of big help to all teachers.

All transactions nowadays are online and it is very helpful. There is only one problem with regards to this matter: files are not safe when the hard disk of your laptop is damage. This is where the brilliant teacher hacks to avoid loss of your files come in.

This article will give you the top 10 brilliant teacher hacks to avoid loss of computer files.

1. Always have a notebook to jot down important details like dates and passwords. Reminder, passwords are the most forgettable piece in these days. You must jot down important notes and passwords to stay connected without problems.

2. You must have at least 3 to 4 USB flash drives for emergency back-ups. Sometimes, you can’t tell when you have emergency so you must be ready.

3. You must make sure that you save your files in your Drive D. Drive D is the safest place in your laptop.

4. An external hard drive is a MUST! This is at least the best thing a teacher should do. To make sure that you have enough space for your heavy files and not to burden your laptop.

5. Separate your most important files to those that are not so important. Make sure that you upload it to your Google Drive for assurance.

6. Upload your pictures and videos in your laptop or PC in your Google Drive or FB account.

7. If possible try to clean your laptop from time to time and have extra copies of your files uploaded.

8. Avoid streaming sites that are not safe for your computer to avoid malwares and viruses. Sometimes by clicking into these websites, your device will be in trouble.

9. Avoid over-use of laptop or PC. These devices also need rest.

10. Again, save your files and documents in duplicate or even triplicate manner.

By doing these brilliant teacher hacks, you are in good hands and your files are safe anytime, anywhere. – Clea | Helpline PH