Top 5 Latest Truth of Being a Teacher this 2023

Top 5 Latest Truth of Being a Teacher this 2023

Being a teacher is what many youngsters dream of when they graduate from college. It is a fact that many wanted to become a teacher and this becomes their strength to achieve it later on.

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There is no doubt that teaching is the noblest profession until today. Are you not wondering why there are so many teachers today who are resigning from their posts? Yes, many of them are trying their luck in the other countries for greener pasture.

Being a teacher nowadays is an understatement. Here are the top 5 latest truth of being a teacher in 2023

1. Torn between the educational system and their own personal jurisdiction.

Whether they like it or not, teachers always have to adhere to what the educational system. The central command is powerful that teachers can’t impose their own rule.

2. Being a teacher means work overload over low salary.

It is only in the Philippines where the salary of the teacher is too low. In other Asian countries, their teachers are well taken care of. Even the workloads of their teachers are fair.

3. Close their mouths and accepts pitiful situations.

Teachers can’t say this or say that. If they are in pitiful situations, they need to find solutions on their own. They can only close their mouths on various situations. Their voice is always unheard.

4. Being a teacher in 2023 means an open book to the social media.

The social media is taking out all the blames to the teachers. A simple punishment made by a teacher is always publicized. Teachers can no longer discipline their students like before. 

5. Being a teacher at present means having “no choice” and that even the government can’t stand for them.

Teachers nowadays have actually no choice all the time. If there may be other jobs that will offer high salary, it is for sure that teachers will have a mass resignation. – Avril | Helpline PH