How to Certainly Become a Teacher in DepEd?

How to Certainly Become a Teacher in DepEd?

The question the fresh passers are trying to ask themselves is how to become a teacher in DepEd? All this positive talk about teachers, have you been thinking if you’re ready to become one? The following steps will help you get there the soonest.

1. Experience is a must

To become a teacher in DepEd means you have patience and temperament. This means that you have the guts to deal with children or teenagers for eighth hours a day. If you have teaching opportunities from small schools or even tutorial, grab it. Small steps at a time will make a difference when you become a full-pledge teacher. You have to understand that generation matters a lot so you have to be flexible in your route.

2. Elementary, Junior High School or Senior High School

You have to decide on what age group you want to offer you services into. This is important because this will tell about what degree or certificate you will get. For high school teachers, you’ll need to decide on a specialization during your studies.

3. Get a Degree

All full-time teaching jobs, even preschool, need degrees nowadays. Any bachelor’s degree is good as a starting point. Afterwards you have to start your goal to become a teacher. Then you have to reach you goal no matter what.

4. Pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)

After graduation, you need to take the LET so you can teach full-time. Other graduates may land a teaching job even without a license but the salary is not that promising. Anyhow, these opportunities may add to the experiences as a teacher. While waiting for the LET result, you can grab this opportunity.

5. Submit Necessary Documents for Ranking Purposes

To apply for a teacher position in DepEd, you need to submit all requirements. Expect to undergo interview, demonstration and examination in the course of your application.

6. Waiting in patience for the ranking result

You should be patient in waiting for your positive result. It is not in an instant but rest assured you will be happy if you wait with patience.

This is how to become a teacher in DepEd. You will have to experience all kinds of sacrifices first before you get the position you want. – Avril | Helpline PH