Beware! A 23-Year-Old Student is dead due to an Impolite Teacher

Beware! A 23-Year-Old Student is dead due to an Impolite Teacher

The death of a 23-year-old student who was discovered dead due to cyberbullying has gone viral on social media. His professor and members of their online forum, where they engaged in political conversations, were responsible for his suicide.

Why are certain supporters so aggressive in their support for their candidates? Are the politicians paying them? They are fooled into believing other politicians’ promises. Therefore, they vigorously support their candidates. What privileges or favors do they receive in exchange for their staunch support?

The outcome of their discussions was so heinous that it caused the afflicted 23-year-old student to commit suicide, especially since he was already struggling to pay for his education. Can the student seek retribution for the nasty comments? Stopping this cyberbullying should be a priority by punishing the offenders.

Do you know that sometimes the teachers are primarily responsible for their students’ suffering? These professors are harmful to their students’ lives, especially if they have bullied them. Why should teachers behave in this manner with their students? In reality, the teachers are professionals, and they have no right to mistreat their students. Instead, they are the ones who offer their students direction, support, and advice.

This 23-year-old student who committed suicide due to depression was helpless. Depression is one of the many causes of trouble, especially if the individual is choked and suffering from personal problems. The other persons then shamed him as well. As a result, the boy may succumb to depression and commit suicide.

Bullying may occur over digital devices such as cell phones, laptops, and tablets are known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can take place offline in social media, forums, or gaming where people can watch, engage in, or exchange content, or online in social media, forums, or gaming.

Sending, uploading, or spreading unpleasant, harmful, misleading, or nasty content about someone else is considered cyberbullying. It can entail disclosing personal or private information about another individual to shame or humiliate them. Some forms of cyberbullying are illegal or criminal.

The suicide of this 23-year-old student should serve as a lesson to all teachers and students and a mirror to avoid imitating the professor’s humiliation of his student. Idolizing leaders is fine, but fighting your political beliefs by insulting others is a different story. Like what happened to this 23-year old who joined their group conversation, his professor tormented him. They talked about political concerns that his professor mocked him.

This issue triggered the interest of other people because they found out that the professor is a Kakampink supporter based on their conversations, and the student was only defending Loren Legarda from his classmates, highlighting his assistance with the scholarship money they received, and the poisonous camp can’t help but attack, smear, humiliate and ridicule him. Keep in mind that Loren Legarda is under Uniteam.

Their political debates enraged the 23-year-old student and led him to commit suicide because he felt insulted. The professor is snide and dismissive of the student. Hopefully, people will realize that social media is not a suitable place to engage with poisonous people. It also serves as a reminder that the Philippines’ political strategies are toxic and bloody. During the elections, some politicians and their supporters were already employing their dirty tactics.

Teachers at public and private universities should be educated not to expose their political affiliations to prevent this act of suicide. Some teachers are so blinded by their political faith that they argue with anyone, even if they are not at the same level. The professors who are showy and unfriendly to their students and force their students to vote for their idolized politicians should be punished. In short, instructors should be politically neutral. – Doki | Helpline PH