Oral Communication in Context – Self Learning Modules

Oral Communication in Context – Self Learning Modules

Oral Communication in Context is one of the subjects in the Senior High School which is vital. This subject is in the form of modules given weekly every quarter. Each module is a total package of the lessons intended for a certain period of time. The topics are arrange according to the MELCs or curriculum guide. Students in the SHS need time to read and comprehend with the topics and its critical/difficult points. It is then recommended that students will message their teachers for questions. Not all students are fast learners so the modules are quality assured.

The contents of this module in Oral Communication in Context have different parts. The discussion needs more reading and activities are also given ahead. The students will only have to read, understand, comprehend then answer the questions. The learning activities will be at the end of each topic. The students have to be cautious and smart since most questions are from the topics itself. The answers are ready if they internalize the modules well.

Oral Communication in Context is also a preparatory step towards college. The topics included in the modules of these subjects are the most important ones. This will give the students an overview of what to expect in the tertiary schools. Topics provided in the modules of these subjects are all vital. The modules are expected from Quarter 1 to Quarter 4.

Below are the link of the downloadable modules for Oral Communication in Context in all quarters. These modules are now very accessible anywhere if there is an internet connection. The SHS students can save this to their device at all times without any hindrance. These modules are in word or PDF format ready for download.

Oral Communication in Context

Quarter 1 – DOWNLOAD

Quarter 2 – DOWNLOAD

Important Notice for the Visitors:

These modules are not for sale in the public schools. These modules are downloadable for FREE and ready to use. These modules are Quality Assured and are ready for access by the students.

We will post any updates or changes on the different modules.

Disclaimer: We do not own any of these modules. We can only share with you the link source of the files. Please understand that unauthorized uploads of digital files of the modules is strictly forbidden. Any illegal acts shall be grounds for administrative case and or other sanctions. These modules were uploaded in drives of other parties. We share it to you for educational purposes ONLY.