Vice President Sara Duterte Resigns as Education Secretary

Vice President Sara Duterte Resigns as Education Secretary

In a surprising turn of events, Vice President Sara Duterte has resigned from her roles as the Secretary of the Department of Education and Vice Chair of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-Elcac). The announcement was made by the Palace on Wednesday.

Vice President Duterte submitted her resignation during a visit to Malacañang at 2:21 pm on June 19, 2024, effective July 19, 2024. Despite her resignation from these key positions, she will continue her tenure as Vice President. The reasons for her resignation remain undisclosed, adding a layer of mystery to her sudden departure from these national roles.

Over the past few weeks, Duterte has been noticeably absent from several high-profile events, including President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s recent trips abroad and multiple law-signing ceremonies at Malacañang, one of which included significant legislation to increase teacher allowances—a cause closely associated with her former department.

The discord within the administration appears to have been brewing for some time. Tensions escalated noticeably in 2023 when Duterte’s proposed budget was severely cut by lawmakers, which she criticized as inappropriate politicking. The following year, her own family members, including her brother, Davao City Mayor Sebastian Duterte, openly criticized President Marcos, with calls for his resignation intensifying to accusations against him of illicit drug use.

This internal conflict reached the First Family, with First Lady Liza-Araneta Marcos expressing disapproval of Vice President Duterte, indicating a deep-seated rift within the administration.

In addition to internal strife, Vice President Duterte has faced substantial criticism over her handling of the Department of Education, with detractors questioning her expertise in education. Furthermore, her perceived silence on pressing national security issues, such as China’s actions in the West Philippine Sea, has also drawn public ire.

Vice President Sara Duterte’s resignation marks a significant shift within the Philippine political landscape, reflecting both internal discord within the ruling administration and mounting external pressures. As she continues to serve as Vice President, the implications of her resignation from these critical roles are yet to unfold, leaving the public and political analysts watching closely for her next moves and the administration’s response to this upheaval.