Philippines Ranks Second Place in Asia for English Proficiency

Philippines Holds Second Place in Asia for English Proficiency

Great news for the Philippines! It’s now ranked as the second-best in Asia for speaking and understanding English. This comes from a big study called the 2023 EF English Proficiency Index. The Philippines is also 20th in the whole world for English skills.

The Philippines got a score of 578, just like last year. This means it’s really good at English and is keeping it up.

In Asia, Singapore is at the top with 631 points. In the whole world, the Netherlands is number one with 647 points. The Democratic Republic of Congo is at the other end with 385 points.

In the Philippines, the Cordillera region is doing the best in English. Baguio City is the top city for English skills.

People who are 26 to 30 years old are the best at English in the Philippines.

This big study looked at how well 2.2 million adults from 113 countries can read and listen in English. It’s a good way to see how different countries do in English.

Being good at English is really helpful for the Philippines. It means they can talk to more people around the world, do business, and learn from others.

In conclusion, the Philippines is doing an awesome job at English, which is great for connecting with the world!